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Department of Sociology at Lehman College

Hyeyoung Oh

Hyeyoung OhI am an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department at Lehman College (since Fall 2014). I currently teach the Sociology of Health Care (SOC 305) and Qualitative Research Methods (SOC 344).

I am a medical sociologist and a qualitative researcher. Utilizing ethnographic and interview methodologies, my research has focused on various dimensions of the U.S. healthcare system:

  • The professionalization of physicians within a commodified healthcare system. Specifically I have analyzed how physicians are impacted by national policies and institutional practices geared to stymie the astronomical healthcare expenditure of the United States. I have focused on how widespread financial concerns manifest in, and impact, the daily work of physicians on the Internal Medicine Service of a U.S. teaching hospital.
  • The healthcare experiences of low-income and working class racial and ethnic minorities in New York City. I am particularly interested in the effect of socio-demographic characteristics (e.g., race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status), neighborhoods, and national healthcare policy on the multi-generational health experiences and outcomes of under-resourced minorities living in an urban center.

I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and students, so please do not hesitate to contact me if your research interests align with mine. My office is in Carman B59. Please contact me via email at