Department of Sociology

Madeline Moran

I usually teach introductory sociology, either in the Department or in the College's Freshman Year Initiative. My primary research interests are criminology and minorities in the United States. I have studied Italian Americans, Puerto Ricans on the Mainland, delinquents in New York City and children adopted internationally. My interests took an unusual twist recently and resulted in two books and a set of articles that I co-authored on female sleuths in US mystery fiction over the past 110 years.  

You may contact me by e-mail or phone (718-960-7820).

  • B.A., Barnard College
  • M.A., Fordham University
  • Ph. D., Fordham University

Major publications:

  • Sleuths in Skirts:  Analysis and Bibliography of Serialized Female Sleuth.  2002.  New York: Routledge.  (Co-authored with Frances A. DellaCava.)
  • Female Detectives in American Novels. 1993.  NY: Garland.  (Co-authored with Frances DellaCava.)
  • Minorities in American Society, 6th ed. 1992.  NY: Harper/Collins.  (Revision of a text originally written by Charles Marden and Gladys Meyer.)
  • The Drug Scene.  1974.  NY: Hayden Book Co.
  •  Inequality in America .  1971.  NY: Thomas Y Crowell.
  •  The Italian Experience in the United States .  1970.  NY and Rome: Center for Migration Studies.  (Co-edited with Silvano Tomasi.)

 Administrative Experience at Lehman:

  • Department chair, 1980-92 and 1995-2011
  • Coordinator, Women’s Studies Program, 1983-85
  • Director of Graduate Studies, 1993-95

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