Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Programs and Courses

Chair: Kevin Sailor (Gillet Hall, Room 113)

Department Faculty: Professors: Alan Kluger, Fred D. Phelps; Associate Professors: Jean Bresnahan, Xiangdong Jia, Humberto Lizardi, David Manier, John McDonald, Vincent Prohaska, Anne Reid, Kevin Sailor, Suzanne Yates; Assistant Professors: Mia Budescu, Sandra Compeanu, Keith Happaney, Anna Luerssen, Wingyun Mak, Ruby S.C. Phillips.

The undergraduate program in Psychology is intended to serve three principal objectives: (1) to contribute to the liberal education of all students by providing an understanding of psychology as a science and as a profession; (2) to provide an understanding of psychological principles and techniques for those students interested in work in other behavioral and social sciences and in professional fields such as education, social work, and medicine; and (3) to establish a sound foundation for those planning to pursue graduate studies in psychology that can lead to careers in college teaching, scientific research, clinical psychology, and school psychology or to professional work in industry, government, and social agencies.


Last modified: Sep 27, 2016

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