Department of Psychology


Karyl B. Swartz

  • Academic Interests: Learning, development, experimental methods.
  • Research: Cognition and cognitive development in nonhuman primates, especially macaque monkeys and great apes.
    Professor Swartz's research interests address nonhuman primate cognition. Cognitive components of serial list learning are investigated in rhesus monkeys and great apes using a touchscreen apparatus and photographic stimuli. Studies with rhesus monkeys are conducted in Professor Swartz's laboratory at Lehman College; studies of serial list memory in great apes are conducted at the Smithsonian Institution National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C.
    A second area of interest is the phenomenon of mirror self-recognition in nonhuman primates. Individual and species differences in mirror use and self-recognition are explored. These studies have been conducted in the Lehman laboratory as well as the National Zoo, Monkey Jungle in Miami, Florida, and at the Centre International de Recherches Mèdicales de Franceville in Gabon, Africa.
    Studies of cognitive development, specifically memory and conceptual development, in orangutans are being conducted at a reintroduction center in Indonesia. These ex-captive orphaned infants are tested with procedures used with human infants, and results are compared with other primate species, including humans.
  • Graduate Program involvement: Biopsychology and Anthropology

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