Master of Public Health (MPH) Program

The Public Health Pledge

I pledge to do all within my power to safeguard human and environmental health through prevention, protection, promotion, and educational efforts. I will accept the responsibility to use my talents, training, and professional experience to instill public trust in all my public health endeavors. It is my personal commitment to serve my community with integrity and pride.

Statement of Values Underlying Public Health Practice

As members of the public health community we recognize the unique responsibilities associated with this role. We commit ourselves to the high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct required to achieve community health, and to ensuring that the basic resources and conditions necessary for health are accessible to all members of the community. We recognize that the effective promotion of the public's health depends heavily on the public's trust. Truth, integrity, accountability, reciprocity and collaboration are essential to building and maintaining this trust. Those skills, together with a commitment to excellence and reflective ethical decision making, are core competencies for public health professionals. Because public health is committed to the development and appropriate application of information to protect and promote health, honesty and respect for scientific evidence is vital to our academic and professional work. As members of the public health community, we will strive to act in ways that promote trust.

As public health professionals, we value cooperation, collaboration and respect for the contributions of individual members of our professional communities and of the communities we serve. We pledge to treat each other with respect, and to honor the dignity and value of each member of our community. We will strive to fulfill our commitments to each other. We are encouraged and expected to cooperate in assisting each other's learning, except in those instances where student members of the community are directed to work individually. We will recognize the contributions of others to our work in a manner that is fair and respectful in the preparation of papers, examinations, books and other documents or websites.

The development of ethical competencies is a life-long process, and an integral component of professional training and career development. We pledge to use the ideas or writings of others with appropriate attribution. We pledge to share, and to use with respect, our community resources, such as facilities, library materials, laboratory materials, computing centers, teaching and conference rooms.

The Public Health Code of Ethics affmns Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states in part "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family..."

Last modified: Dec 7, 2012

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