Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


The department offers foundational courses in computer programming for both students planning to major in computing as well as those interested in the use of programming in business, mathematics, and the sciences.

Introductory programming at Lehman College is taught in two different courses:

CIS 166: for computer information science majors and also taken by computer applications minors (predominantly business majors).
167: for computer science majors and also taken by students whose degree requires programming (i.e. mathematics majors and some students applying to graduate school in the sciences or in physical therapy).

While the core material is the same for the two courses, the courses progress at different paces, cover different additional topics, and have different problem sets and assessments as the semester progresses.
Students interested in pursuing a degree in computer science or additional programming courses should enroll in the CMP
167 course.

The computer programming sequence has three courses:

167: Programming Methods I: An introduction to structured computer programming. Includes coverage of console I/O, data types, variables, decision making, iteration, arrays, function definitions and calls, parameter passing, functional decomposition, an introduction to objects, and debugging techniques.

CMP 326: Programming Methods II: GUI programming.  Object Oriented Programming techniques.  A continuation of parameter passing with a focus on devising and tracing recursive functions. Sorting and searching algorithms and a comparison of their performance.  Threads, Exceptions and Exception Handling.

CMP 338: Data Structures and Algorithms: Abstract characterizations of data structures such as arrays, stacks, queues, trees and graphs will be studied along with algorithms that make use of such structures and algorithms for sorting, searching, and memory management. Implementation issues will be considered, and students will write programs that embody these structures and algorithms.

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