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Danna Ethan

E-Mail Address:
Office Number: Gillet Hall, Room 334
Rank: Assistant Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees:B.A., Franklin and Marshall Coll.; M.S.W., New York Univ.; M.A., Ed.D., Teachers Coll., Columbia Univ.

Reseach Interests: Health disparities, health determinants, college student health.

Selected publications:

Ethan, D., Basch, C.H., Rajan, S., Samuel, L. & Hammond, R.N. A comparison of nutritional content of food products on circulars for grocery stores in highest- versus lowest-income NYC zip codes. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2014;11:537-547.

Ethan, D., Rennis, L., Samuel, L., Seidel, E.J. & Basch, C.H. A review of college-level health textbooks for coverage of type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Health Education Journal. 2014;73(2):217-227.

Samuel, L., Basch, C.H., Ethan, D. & Hammond, R. An analysis of sodium and fat contents of food products advertised in Bronx-based online grocery store circulars. Journal of Community Health. (Epub ahead of print, February 1, 2014).

Basch, C.H., Hammond, R.N., Ethan, D. & Samuel, L. Food advertisements in two popular parenting magazines: Results of a five-year analysis. Global Journal of Health Science. 2014; 6(2):175-82.

Ethan, D., Samuel, L., Basch, C.H. & Hammond, R. Disparate advertising of sugary drinks: An analysis of beverages promoted in circulars from grocery stores in high- and low-income New York City zip codes. Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education. 2013; 4:e1.

Ethan, D., Samuel, L. & Basch, C.H. An analysis of Bronx-based online grocery store circulars for nutritional content of food and beverage products. Journal of Community Health. 2013; Jun; 38(3):521-8.

Basch, C.H., Ethan, D. & Rajan, S. Price, promotion, and availability of nutrition information: A descriptive study of a popular fast food chain in New York City. Global Journal of Health Science. 2013; 5(6):73-80.

Basch, C.H., Samuel, L. & Ethan, D. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease: Consequences of globalization on population health and the importance of social change. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education. 2013; 51(4):185-197.


Ethan, D., Basch, C.H. & Rajan, S. Promoting healthy vision in children through the use of social marketing. Journal of Mass Communication. 2013; 3:e140.


Ethan, D. & Seidel, E. On the front lines of student crisis: Urban community college professors' experiences and perceived role in handling students in distress. Student Affairs Journal. 2013; 31(1):15-26.


Seidel, E., Ethan, D. & Basch, C.H. Using social media to connect college students with mental health services. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism. 2013; 4:e1.

Basch, C.H., Ethan, D., Rajan, S., Samayoa-Kozlowsky, S. & Basch, C.E. Helmet use among riders using the Citi Bike bicycle-sharing program: A pilot study in New York City. Journal of Community Health. Published online: 01 November 2013.

Ethan, D. & Basch, C.H. Using social marketing as a tool to increase helmet use among bicycle-share riders in urban settings. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism. 2013; 3:e7.

Rajan, S, Basch, C.H. & Ethan, D. Observational data collection of environmental and behavioral characteristics: Strengths, limitations, and implications for health communication. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism. 2013; 3:e141.

Ethan D, Basch C, Platt R, Bogen E, Zybert P. Implementing and evaluating a school-based program to improve childhood vision. Journal of School Health. 2010 Jul; 80(7):340-5.

Implementing and Evaluating a School-based Program to Improve Childhood Vision. Ethan, D., Basch, C., Platt, R., Bogen, E. & Zybert, P. Journal of School Health. 2010; 80(7):340-345.

Promoting Healthy Vision in Students: Progress and Challenges in Policy, Programs and Research. Ethan, D. & Basch, C. Journal of School Health. 2008; 78(8):411–416.


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