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Brain and Language Lab

Welcome to our lab. We are investigating the role of non-invasive brain stimulation in the treatment of speech and language disorders, such as aphasia and stuttering. In the lab we employ tDCS or transcranial direct current stimulation with a device that delivers low voltage electrical stimulation through the scalp to the brain. We are using this device in conjunction with behavioral treatment to learn how this method may facilitate learning. Students working on this project are given a unique opportunity to gain skills with tDCS and understand the ways clinical research can lead to evidence-based practice in speech-language pathology.

For further information regarding our research please contact Dr. Peggy S. Conner at

Brain & Language Lab Members Include:

  • Rebeca Mora, Research Assistant
  • Roseanne Grateraux, Research Assistant
  • Joanna Feliz, Research Assistant
  • Ciara Groga, Research Assistant
  • JungMoon Hyun, Research Associate
  • Joann Rodriguez, Research Assistant