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Licensing Information


Students who earn their M.S.W. degree will have completed the educational requirements and be eligible to take the New York State licensing exam for the Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).


Students who complete the two-year curriculum and earn their M.S.W. degree will have met the educational requirements for the New York State licensing exam for the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Advanced Standing Students, Track C, will need to take one additional elective class designated as having clinical content. This can be accomplished by taking an additional electvie in the Lehman College MSW program or it can be completed at a later time. The New York State Education Department has established additional clinical supervision requirements to be eligible to take the LCSW exam. These requirements must be met after graduation.

Preparation for LMSW Licensing Exam

In order to help students prepare for the LMSW licensing exam, Lehman College provides training for its own second year M.S.W. students. There is no charge to students for this training. While it is not required, most people find it useful and participation is strongly recommended. Alumni of the Lehman M.S.W. program are invited to participate in the training.

Alumni, of the Lehman College MSW program, who are interested in preparing for the LCSW should contact the Director of the MSW program for information about available LCSW study opportunites available for Lehman College MSW Alumni.