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The Department of Nursing Faculty are involved in a number of research areas:

  • Dr. Cassandra Dobson: Sickle Cell Disease and Pain Management
  • Dr. Pamela Ginex: ┬áSymptom Cluster and Cancer patients
  • Dr. Ivreen Robinson: Spirituality (used by graduate nursing students in care of patients)
  • Dr. Martha Whetsell: Development of a Nursing Theory
  • Dr. Mary Tesoro: Developing Nurses Thinking (DNT)
  • Dr, Scott Saccamano: Delegation and Leadership
  • Dr. Eleanor Campbell: Obesity and Children in US, Europe and South Africa
  • Dr. Brigitte Cypress: Experiences of Nurses, Family and Patients and Intensive Care Units
  • Dr. Keville Frederickson: Use of the Roy Model and Participatory Research
  • Dr. C. Alicia Georges: Disparities and Mental Health in African American Communities
  • Dr. Alsacia Pasci: Breast Cancer and Dominican Women