General Education

Assessment of Student Learning

Core Fluencies Assessed in Capstone Courses

The General Education Program has embarked upon a process of systematic assessment of the mastery of the core fluencies by students in the capstone courses LEH300 and LEH301. These two courses are the final, culminating courses in the program and are taken by all Lehman students – whether transfer or not - at some time before graduation. The assessment will provide a snapshot of student learning in one of the five fluencies, whether the section in which they are currently enrolled emphasizes or specifically supports this fluency or not. The cumulative effect of the entire General Education curriculum includes all the fluencies and applied competencies identified as its goals.

The five fluencies – quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, language and communication, informational, and scientific – will be the subject of a series of surveys to assess the abilities of students in these skills. The surveys will be administered each semester on a rotating basis, beginning in the spring of 2010.

The results of the survey will be reviewed by the instructors teaching the LEH300 and LEh301 sections and by the Gen Ed Liaisons. The results will be reported to the faculty.

The first survey will assess students’ attitudes towards and abilities in quantitative reasoning. The following is a copy of the survey: draft of quantitative reasoning survey.

The same survey administered in the spring will be administered to the entering freshmen in the fall, as part of the Freshman Seminar (LEH100), which is taken by all first time freshmen as part of the Freshman Year Initiative.

Last modified: Aug 2, 2017

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