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What is the Freshman Year Initiative (FYI)?

The award-winning Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) provides Lehman students with a carefully structured, coordinated curriculum during their first year of college study. All students are placed in blocks or "learning communities", so that they take a group of classes during the freshman year with the same cohort of students. The program promotes faculty collaboration, mentorship, and peer support.

What is the relationship between the Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) and the Coordinated Freshman Programs?

The Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) is one of two programs overseen by Coordinated Freshman Programs. Coordinated Freshman Programs also encompasses the summer and winter Immersion programs, for prospective and continuing Lehman students who need to pass the CUNY/ACT Basic Skills Tests.

Do all Lehman freshmen participate in FYI?

All full-time students taking daytime classes participate in FYI during their first and second semesters of college study.

Are the Immersion programs only for incoming freshmen?

The Immersion workshop programs during the summer and winter intersessions are for prospective and continuing Lehman students who need to pass the CUNY/ACT Basic Skills Tests. Incoming freshmen, transfer students, and continuing students may participate in the workshops.

What is the purpose of grouping students into blocks or "learning communities"?

The goals are two fold:
  • To promote interdisciplinary perspectives. By coordinating and integrating the curricula of the courses within each block or "learning community", we strive to enrich the interdisciplinary content of first-year studies.
  • To foster academic and social support networks. FYI recognizes the critical importance of academic and peer support networks during the first year of college study. The learning community structure promotes meaningful interaction with faculty, as well as intellectual and social connections among students.

How do faculty in FYI coordinate their activities?

FYI faculty collaborate on assignments, in an effort to draw thematic connections across the curriculum. Faculty in each block or "learning community" meet every other week, to discuss student progress and course material.

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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