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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Freshman Year Initiative (FYI)?

FYI is a two-semester learning community model program that offers first-year students a supportive structure that promotes an interdisciplinary curriculum, faculty collaboration, and peer support to foster a great sense of campus community and to establish a strong foundation that will ensure academic success. Read more here.

What is the purpose of a learning community/block? 

Since a block consists of a group of students taking the same courses together, faculty members within each block collaborate with each other and integrate their courses to produce a more meaningful first-year experience for FYI students. Read more here.

What is an example of integration in an FYI block?

One example: a block that includes English Composition, Cultural Anthropology, Comparative Politics, Elementary Japanese, and Freshman Seminar may choose to center their theme on the cultural and political elements of Japan from a global perspective. Within this frame, faculty can develop a joint project that culminates in students creating a media presentation based on group research centered on various aspects of the global theme.

How will I know I’m registering for the right classes?

Lehman understands that incoming freshmen are often unsure of which courses they will need to graduate. With the FYI block program, you can’t make a mistake. All courses offered within the FYI program are courses that will satisfy college requirements toward graduation.

Can I switch or drop courses in by block?

In most cases, it is possible to switch or drop one course from your chosen block. Advisors will be on hand at the time of registration to discuss possibilities with you. Students with AP, College Now, IB, or other courses with college credits, will be advised as to which blocked classes should be switched if necessary.

What if I already know what I want to major in?

Students have the option of beginning their majors by taking special blocks designed for careers in Nursing, PreMed/PreHealth, STEM, Business Administration, Accounting, and Education (space permitting). Other majors’ intro courses may be accommodated within regular (non-specialty) blocks as well. Advisors will be on hand at the time of registration to discuss possibilities with you.

When will I be able to see my block options?

Blocks are made available to students during their New Student Orientation Event. At that time, students will be given a block booklet with all available block options, and an FYI representative will walk freshmen through the block selection process and answer any questions.

What if my block closes?

All freshmen are guaranteed a full-time program/schedule of general education classes that satisfy graduation requirements. However, due to space limitation, it is always a good idea to have several block options in mind at the time of registration, in case of block closings. In the event that your first-choice block closes, it is important to remember that all courses count toward graduation requirements, no matter which block you are in, and any course that you could not take in your first semester can always be taken in your subsequent semesters.

What will I learn in my Freshman Seminar?

The Freshman Seminar is a single 3-credit, academic-based course embedded in the block structure (offered in the first semester only) which is designed to ease our students’ transition from high school to college life and to promote discussion and reflection about academic goals. Read more here.

What kind of support is available to an FYI student?

FYI offers its students a variety of supportive services to ensure academic and personal success such as tutoring, supplemental instruction, counseling, and advising. Read more here.

How does FYI benefit its students?

The FYI program offers students the strong foundation that is critical for a successful college career by:  improving academic performance; building skills that are essential for academic success; providing a strong peer supported environment; providing a diverse interdisciplinary curriculum; fostering student-faculty relationships; keeping students well-grounded in campus activities; teaching students how to utilize helpful campus resources; and raising overall student satisfaction.

What if I am in the SEEK Program?

All incoming SEEK students are fully integrated into blocks. In addition to the block courses, the SEEK Program offers their students additional blocked components such as Supplemental Instruction (SI), and group and individual tutoring. Please see your SEEK Counselor for more information.

What if I am in the Lehman Scholars (LSP) or Macaulay Honors Programs?

LSP and Macaulay Honors students do not participate in the FYI block program. Be sure to make an appointment with your program advisor who will assist you in creating your specific semester course schedule. For more information, visit the Honors College at Lehman

What if I will be a part-time or evening student?

Unfortunately, due to the limited number of part-time and evening freshmen, FYI is unable to offer this population a block option. However, advisors are available during registration to help these students work out an appropriate evening or part-time schedule using Lehman’s regular course offerings. Regular ongoing academic advising for part-time and evening students is also available as needed.