Environmental, Geographic, and Geological Sciences


Heather Sloan


GEO 101 Dynamic Earth

An Earth system science approach to the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and the chemical and physical processes that connect them, including the rock, water, and tectonic cycles.

GEO 102 Dynamic Earth Laboratory

Identification of minerals and rocks, geologic map reading and generation, analysis of flooding, earthquake, coastal processes, and glacial processes data.

GEO 167 Earth Evolution

We explore the evolution of Earth, its continents, oceans, climate and life. From it origins 4.6 billion years ago to today, we the history our planet’s changing environments is there for us to read in the rock and fossil records.

GEO 245 Earth Materials

Presentation of the fundamentals of mineralogy and petrology (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary) with a focus on common rock-forming minerals, crystal structure, mineral and rock identification, soil, and water within the context of biogeochemical cycles.

GEO 168 Earth Evolution Laboratory

Application of relative and absolute dating, identification and description of key fossils, stratigraphic and Paleogeographic reconstruction.

GEO 301 Earth Science for Educators

Earth system science: system components’ origin, evolution, structure, and composition; biogeochemical processes.  A hands-on, analytical approach to pedagogy linked content. 

GEO 448 Plate Tectonics

An introduction to the historical development of Plate Tectonics as a unifying theory, plate boundary characteristics, plate motion on a sphere, role of plate tectonic cycle in renewal of Earth’s surface, and relation with other biogeochemical cycles.

GEO 4500 Advanced study in selected Earth Science topics or field problems.

GEO 490 Honors Geology

Guided individual research including reading and – in some cases – laboratory or field investigations.

GEO 502 Earth History

We look back through billions of years of geologic history focusing on major events and ongoing change in the distribution of continents and ocean basins, climate and the evolving life of our unique and dynamic planet.

GEO 601 Earth System Science for Educators

An introduction to Earth systems science that links content with pedagogy by modeling and analyzing teaching approaches in the classroom, the field and informal settings. This course explores the Earth system origin, evolution, structure, composition, and the dynamic processes that move matter and energy through the system.

GEO 603 Global Plate Dynamics

We examine the development of plate tectonic theory in its contemporary context, global plate motion, driving forces and mechanisms.


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