Department of Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences

Faculty & Staff


Stefan Becker
Rank: Professor
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 315A
Phone: 718-960-8764
Interests: Climatology, severe weather, environmental pollution, environmental modeling
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Yuri Gorokhovich
Rank: Associate Professor, Department Chairperson
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 301A
Phone: 718-960-1981
Interests: Geology, natural hazards and disasters, spatial modeling with GIS, geoarchaeology
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Glen Johnson
Rank: Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 413
Phone: 718-960-8670

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Irene Leung
Rank: Professor
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 318
Phone: 718-960-8572
Interests: Mineralogy, petrology, diamonds, meteorites & planetary science
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Juliana Maantay
Rank: Professor
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 325
Phone: 718-960-8574
Interests: Environmental health justice, medical geography, geographic information science, urban environmental analysis, sustainable community-based development, participatory geographic information systems
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Elia Machado
Assistant Professor
Gillet Hall, Room 307C

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Andrew Maroko
Rank: Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 323
Phone: 718-960-1830
Interests: Health geographics, medical geography, environmental justice, environmental health, exposure assessment, spatial analysis, geographic information science

Hari Pant
Rank: Assistant Professor
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 309A
Phone: 718-960-5859
Interests: Biogeochemical cycles, sediment/water quality, ecological indicators, global change
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Gautam Sen
Rank: Professor, Dean of School of Natural & Social Sciences
Office: Science Hall, Room 1403
Phone: 718-960-8764
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Fred Shaw
Rank: Professor Emeritus
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 309
Phone: 718-960-8565
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Heather Sloan
Rank: Associate Professor
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 307B
Phone: 718-960-8008
Interests: Marine geophysics, seafloor morphology, plate kinematics, Earth Science Education
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Adjunct Instructors and Research Assistants

William Bosworth
Rank: Scientist in Residence
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 302
Phone: 718-960-8465
Interests: Using census data to highlight social problems in a major urban area
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Holly Porter Morgan
Adjunct Associate Professor
Associate Professor, LaGuardia Community College, Program Director for Environmental Sciences; Research Associate, New York Botanical Garden

Interests: Confluence of plant science, spatial analyses, and conservation, biogeographic and computational models that combine herbarium specimen data with climate and environmental data in a GIS environment to predict the distributions of rare and threatened plants

Annarita Macri
Adjunct Lecturer
Interests: Urban planning, plant ecology, biogeography, trail building and mapping, education

Gretchen M. Culp
EES Doctoral student, geography, health geographics and GISc concentrations, Adjunct instructor
Interests: Cartography, color vision confusion, visualization of public health data, and urban geography

Jennifer Brisbane
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Interests: Historical GIS; environmental justice; spatial analysis; mobile GIS application development

Zakkiyyah Shah
MSGISc Program, NOAA-CREST Fellow, USDA Research Fellow, Urban GISc lab, GISc Lab Tutor
Interests: Urban agriculture and sustainability; empowering urban communities through improved food security, nutrition, and health, and economically empowering women, the formerly incarcerated, and other disadvantaged groups, geographic distribution of released prisoners and mapping the factors that influence the success or failure of reentry

Lesley Patrick
EES Doctoral candidate, Geography and GIS concentrations; NOAA-CREST Fellow
Interests: Urban environmental analysis, flood hazard mapping, climate change impacts, GIS/GISc, spatial analysis, geology

Eric Kutter
EES Doctoral candidate, Geography concentration; Graduate Teaching Fellow

Marlene Nava Ramos
EES Doctoral candidate, Graduate Teaching Fellow
Interests: Geography of immigration enforcement, environmental health and resilience, and community-based participatory research

Rachael Weiss
DPH doctoral student, Epidemiology concentration
Interests: Neighborhood determinants of healthy active aging including both perceived and objective measures of the social and built environment

Jose Pillich
EES Doctoral candidate, Geography concentration; Adjunct instructor
Interests: Green infrastructure, GIS, sustainability & food

Angelika Winner
Doctoral Program, Earth Sciences and Geography
Interests: Sustainable agriculture and alternative food movements, international political economy of food, politics of obesity, environmental health, political ecology, race and food, critical human geography, and participatory GIS


College Laboratory Technician

Brian Morgan
Rank: Senior College Laboratory Technician

Office: Gillet Hall, Room 322A
Phone: 718-960-5742

Interests: Psychogeography, aesthetics and radical cartography, the geography of 20th Century culture, art, and literature, historical mapping, cartography as art.

Administrative Staff

Gail Markbreit
Office: Gillet Hall, Room 315
Phone: 718-960-8660
Fax: 718 960 8584

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