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Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

Elia Machado


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Academic Journal Publications (In Review)

  • McDonald, A., Cumbrera, A., Cruz G.C., Moreno, A.L, Ortiz, P.L., Rivero V. A., Ramírez, A., Machado, E. Using Climatic Indices for the surveillance of Aedes aegypti infestation levels in the district of Panama (Panama). Submitted to PLOS ONE (2015).
  • Runfola, D., Ratick, S., Blue, J., Machado, E.A., Hiremath, N., Giner, N., White, K., White, K., Arnold, J., and J. Maxted. A Multi-Criteria GIS Approach to Composite Vulnerability Index Construction for Flood Vulnerability in the Contiguous United States. Submitted to Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Environmental Change (2014).

Conferences and Invited Lectures

  • 2014 Bronwen, D., Machado, E.A., and J. Seto. Building Active Learning Practices with Grassroots Research Tools. CUNY's 13th Annual IT Conference. New York City, NY. 
  • 2014 Becerra, M., Castellanos, E., Fuentes, C., Garcia, M., House-Peters, L., Machado, E.A., Seguinot, J. Poster presentation: Modelos Conceptuales de la Problemática de la Cuenca del Lago Atitlán (authors in alphabetical order). I Simposio de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas en la Cuenca del Lago Atitlán. Panajachel, Sololá, Guatemala. 
  • 2013 Machado, E.A. Mapping and Assessing the Potential Risk to Dengue Fever in Mexico: What Do Climate Projections Tell and Do Not Tell Us? Invited lecture for Sigma Xi Honorary society for scientific research. Lehman College, CUNY, NY.
  • 2013 Eastman J.R., Sangermano F., Machado E., Rogan J. and A. Anyamba. Global Trends in 
    Seasonality of NDVI, 1982-2011. NESTVAL, Worcester, MA.
  • 2013 Machado, E.A. Identifying potential areas at risk of dengue fever in Mexico due to climate change and population increase. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers. Los Angeles, CA.
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