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Lehman College

Department of Earth Environmental and Geospatial Sciences

Carrie Beth Lasley

Carrie Beth LasleyCurrent location - (city/state/country)

  • Detroit, MI, USA

Date of Graduation from Lehman

  • June 2005

Type of degree/major/specialization/certificate:

  • BA Geography, GISc

Subsequent degrees earned or in progress

Masters of Urban Planning, University of Louisville, December 2008; Doctorate of Philosophy in Urban Studies, University of New Orleans, August 2012

Title of thesis/dissertation/or capstone project

“The Role of Social Networks in the Recovery from Catastrophe: A Case Study of St. Bernard Parish, La., after Hurricane Katrina”

Positions held since graduating

2006-2008,Graduate Research Assistant, University of Louisville Center for Hazards Research and Policy Development; 2008-2012, Graduate Research Assistant, University of New Orleans Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology; 2013-current, Research Associate, Center for Urban Studies at Wayne State University; 2014-current, Instructor of Geography and Planning, Wayne State University

Type of work you do there

I use GIS and other research skills to tackle urban problems from improving our understanding of urban housing conditions and its impact on resident health, to studying the impact of large-scale urban demolition programs on fenceline neighbors, to using COMPSTAT to better coordinate communities to tackle crime problems. I am also part of a team that maps a new dimension of data each week for the Detroit area to better visualize urban disparities in the region. I also now pass on GIS knowledge to students at Wayne State University in Detroit, where I teach Introduction to GIS.

Specific accomplishments of which you are most proud

Coming from a working-class background, no one in my neighborhood got PhDs. I completed mine early, and could not have done it without the opportunities that my GIS certificate opened for me to get research assistantships along the way.

Geography or GISc activities/accomplishments/awards/internships/publications

  • Simpson, David M., Carrie Beth Lasley, Terry A. Wiegel, and Thomas D. Rockaway. 2010. “Understanding Critical Infrastructure Failure: Examining the Experience of Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.” International Journal of Critical Infrastructures, 6 (3): 246-276.
  • Lasley, Carrie Beth. Nov. 2008. “Creating an Environmentally Just Park System in Louisville, Ky.” Projections 8: 134-155.

Comments on the EEGS Dept Program you were enrolled in

When I started teaching, I learned that other people learned GIS using workbooks and stock data. I was lucky enough at Lehman to use real data and real analysis. I pass on that tradition to my students in Detroit even if it means putting in some extra time for write directions. I make sure I pass the sort of attention that I got from my professors onto my students.

What else have you been up to?

I got married in 2009 to my longtime boyfriend. I live in Hamtramck, an immigrant enclave inside Detroit, where I am a zoning commissioner and active in local politics.