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From the Program Coordinator, Barbara Gottlieb

Lehman College's graduate programs in special education meet the highest national standards and are NCATE accredited. They represent our strong commitment to preparing highly qualified special educators for the challenges and rewards of teaching in today's dynamic and diverse classrooms. The programs' philosophical, conceptual, and instructional underpinnings derive from values and standards established by the Council for Exceptional Children (C.E.C.) and the New York State Learning Standards, as well as the Lehman Urban Teacher Education (L.U.T.E.) framework, which recognizes difference and diversity as foundations for learning and teaching.

The Special Education program at Lehman offers a variety of options for both teachers who already hold licenses in general education as well as those who are considering a career change into the dynamic field of special education. For those who already hold valid teacher licenses in general education, Lehman offers master's degree programs in early childhood, childhood and adolescent special education, all of which lead to both initial and professional certification in special education. For those who are interested in career change, Lehman’s dual certification master's degree programs in early childhood/early childhood special education and childhood/childhood special education are offered, leading to a New York State certification in both special and general education. In addition, Lehman offers a concentration for those who are interested in working with children who are gifted and talented and a bilingual extension for those who want to work with English language learners.

Please review the specific program information in the Graduate Bulletin, including qualifications for admission to each of the programs and courses of study. Thanks for your interest in Lehman and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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Dual Program in Childhood and Childhood Special Education


Gifted and Talented


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Early Childhood

Dual Program in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education

Bilingual Special Education Early Childhood