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MATH UP Cohorts

Cohort 1

The MATH UP Program inducted its first cohort of graduate students in Spring 2011. Cohort 1 was group of unique students from very diverse backgrounds who possessed a true passion for teaching. All of the students successfully completed their clinical residency at the five partner schools. Cohort 1 graduated in September 2012. Many of the students are currently teachers of record in elementary schools across the Bronx.

Cohort 2

In Spring 2012 the MATH UP Program introduced its second cohort of graduate students. The students of Cohort 2 come from various academic backgrounds and are truly committed to serving their communities as future elementary teachers. They have completed in their clinical residency at the five partner schools along with their Masters degree in Childhood Education. Cohort 2 graduated in September 2013 and many of them have began their teaching careers in local elementary schools across the city.

Cohort 3

In Spring 2013 a group of highly motivated and intelligent individuals joined MATH-UP as the program's third cohort. Like the cohorts before them, the students of Cohort 3 have successfully completed their clinical residency at our five partner schools as well as t their Masters in Childhood Education. This cohort graduated in September 2014 and some have obtained teaching positions in elementary schools in the Bronx and across New York City.

Cohort 4

As we get ready to bid farewell to one cohort, we welcome our newest cohort to the MATH-UP program. Cohort 4 began their journey to become elementary school teachers in the spring of 2014. This eclectic group of individuals are completing the first two graduate courses of the MATH UP program curriculum. This cohort is expected to graduate in September 2015.