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Lehman CE/SC Alumnae Testimonials and School Counseling Program Websites

1. CE/SC program benefits according to professional school counselors who are Lehman alums:

  • Marjorie Allen ’08 (Bronx, NY School Counselor, Metropolitan High School): "Lehman is a wonderful Counselor Education/School Counseling program. When I was interviewing for a position as a Professional School Counselor last June, I realized how equipped I was to do the work in the field on a level that is above and beyond the norm. My fondest memories were the Practicum and Internship classes where ideas and techniques were shared. The program at Lehman reflects the ideology of the ASCA National School Counseling Program Model, which it teaches. It is a comprehensive developmental program. School systems including the DOE of NYC are becoming aware of the ASCA school counseling program model, and it is vital to be prepared professionally in today's job market. Lehman College is the program that will prepare you!!!"
  • Lourdes Diaz ‘07 (Bronx, NY School Counselor, Wings Academy Middle/High School): “The Counselor Education/School Counseling program at Lehman College encourages you to work to your fullest potential, and it gives you the necessary tools to prepare you for the new role of a Professional School Counselor, including accountability, which is the key to helping all children in an equitable manner.”
  • Latica Greer ’06 (Bronx, NY School Counselor, Gompers High School): “…Choose Lehman's Counselor Education/School Counseling program because if you want to be the best, then don't settle for less…the education, experience, and knowledge that is gained from this program makes the student a qualified school counselor.  Lehman's School Counseling program also prepares students to become advocates of change. Lehman's School Counseling program is also in line with the changes that are occurring in the Department of Education. Before, counselors were never recognized for all that they do to close gaps, but now School Counselors are getting some credit.”
  • Terrence Houlihan ’10 (New Rochelle, NY School Counselor, Iona Prep High School:Lehman's Counselor Education/School Counseling program is the best in Metro NYC to study at because the real-life expertise and experiences of the professors enhance every class discussion, bringing to life counseling theories, textbook scenarios, and those potential ‘what-ifs’ that school counselors-in-training play out in their heads.” 
  • Delfina Leston ’08 (Manhattan, NY School Counselor, High School for Law, Advocacy, and Community Justice, on the Martin Luther King, Jr. HS campus):
    I want to thank the faculty because this program really paid off. As each day goes on I feel more and more competent that I can take on anything, and I use all my resources and knowledge I gained from the program. While in the program I said to myself and I'm sure a lot of other students did...’I hope all this work pays off’ and I actually use all this information and I'm not just doing to it to get a degree! Well of course it did! I always smiled and feel bad at the same time when other school counselors are like,  “Wow you know so much--We didn’t have to do that in our programs.” Right now, I am fully implementing a school counseling program using the ASCA model and the administration at my school listened and is accepting of implementing the model. I’ve had the framework for years and waited to fully implement it with everyone on board.
  • Melissa Luckman ’08 (Brooklyn, NY School Counselor, Brooklyn Tech High School): “You are immersed into schools right away and often. It is the most knowledgeable school counseling program for the ASCA Model and implementing it in real life in the area. I felt very prepared for my first day of work.”
  • Rebecca Mullen ’07 (Chappaqua, NY School Counselor, Horace Greeley High School): “I am proud to be a graduate of the Counselor Education/School Counseling program at Lehman College.  The professors are thought provoking, current in their research, and deeply interested in motivating their students to be change agents for the school counseling profession.  As a high school counselor I use the skills that I learned at Lehman every day and I am a better counselor because of my experiences there!"
  • Queenette Nwobodo ’10 (Bronx, NY School Counselor, Bronx Preparatory Charter Middle/High School): “Lehman’s Counselor Education/School Counseling program is one of the best kept secrets in CUNY.  This CACREP-accredited program prepares social scientists who want to change the trajectory of our most vulnerable populations in K-12 schools.  Lehman’s School Counseling program is an affordable program that not only has prepared me as a school counselor but has taught me invaluable life skills that I use inside and outside of the office.  I am a better person after completing this rigorous and comprehensive program.”
  • Daemian Passarelli ’04 (Brooklyn, NY School Counselor, Brooklyn Tech High School): “My experience at the Lehman School Counseling graduate program has given me the tools needed to work successfully in the NYC DOE system as well as at community-based organizations. This program has given me a strong foundation in the ASCA model and provided me with a solid knowledge base to develop strengths-based and youth-centered counseling relationships.”
  • Stacey Rickman-King ‘08 (Bronx, NY, Principal, New Visions Charter School for Advanced Math and Science II on the Jane Addams HS Campus; formerly AP & School Counselor, Bronx Middle/High School for Law, Government, and Justice): “If you would like to make a difference in the lives of urban school children, the program at CUNY’s Lehman College will give you the tools necessary to achieve this.  Through a data-driven Counselor Education curriculum, School Counselors are taught how to reach ALL students.  Through the utilization of student data and the creation of results-based interventions, School Counselors learn how to close achievement gaps and promote academic/career/college/personal/social excellence for all students.” Ms. Rickman-King has an additional graduate degree in educational leadership.
  • Annia Rivero ’09 (Somers, NY, High School Counselor, Somers, High School) “I entered the counseling profession because I wanted to assist students in ways that I was not assisted.  It is not only my profession but my passion.  The graduate CE/SC program at Lehman College not only taught me valuable skills and gave me "top of the line" training to become a professional school counselor, but nurtured my passion for assisting students.  On my first day of classes one of my professors told us this program would change us. I did not have any idea what he meant by this but as I went through the program and as I look back now I realize he meant we would go through a metamorphosis professionally and personally from the time we began.  The professors are top-notch and personable, which makes a difference.  I never hesitated to reach out to them and they were always there to answer a question or assist me with a concern, even as an alumna.  They are there to help and support throughout and later welcome you into the counseling field with open arms upon graduation considering you a "colleague."   The CACREP program accreditation is desirable from an employment standpoint.  As I entered the workforce I noticed putting this accreditation on my resume allowed me to obtain many phone calls from possible employers.  The wealth of knowledge I could present on my resume and on personal interviews of my experience utilizing the ASCA national model allowed for great feedback from school districts.  What the CE/SC program at Lehman College offers you is immeasurable to your professional and personal future.

We also have a variety of alumnae working in college access/readiness/admission counseling, student affairs counseling, career counseling, and educational leadership positions in the NYC metro area and several alums in bridge programs working toward their mental health counseling licenses.

2. Visit School Counseling Program public published websites of Lehman CE/SC alums: