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The Lehman College Mission

The mission of Lehman College, the only public senior liberal arts college in the Bronx, is to offer New York City and regional residents a liberal arts education and preparation for careers and advanced study. The college, committed to meeting the educational needs of its urban population, affirms the following objectives:

  • to provide access to a common body of knowledge and opportunities to develop a lifelong love of learning;
  • to promote excellence in scholarship, teaching, research, and artistic endeavors;
  • to develop the ability to think analytically and creatively;
  • to broaden educational opportunities through joint programs with other institutions locally, nationally, and internationally;
  • to promote an understanding of and respect for such differences as gender, age, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, and physical ability;
  • to advance the understanding and use of emerging technologies;
  • to serve as a center for the continuing educational and cultural needs for the region through access to the college's facilities and expertise in the academic disciplines, professional fields and the fine and performing arts.

Our Experience and Scholarship as Teacher and Counselor Educators

We draw upon a richly diverse body of knowledge and experience to inform our practice as educators. Because we come together at the interstices of numerous disciplines and practices, multiple perspectives and ways of knowing, we create fertile ground from which we find important commonalities of values and beliefs about education and schooling. For example, we believe that learning, essential to human development, is socially constructed, ideally within caring and supportive relationships. We believe that critical analysis of schooling clarifies its relationship to education. We believe that critical analysis of the situatedness of learning is essential to our understandings of education. Although we are housed in different places within and outside the college, and although our bodies of knowledge and our philosophies of education do not always neatly coincide, we believe that together we present a model of reflective learners committed to excellence in teacher and counselor education.

Our Own Students and the Children, Adolescents and their Families Whom We Serve

Lehman College students come from diverse racial and cultural communities in which they are often developing dual language capacities and through which they have developed significant life experience. It is our belief that this diversity is a strength that should be both the basis of and supported through their Liberal Arts and Teacher or Counselor Education coursework. Their perspectives as emerging teachers and counselors are an important source of knowledge upon which we draw.

Similarly, the children, adolescents and families we serve contribute greatly to our mission as teacher educators. Their strengths and needs, their beliefs and ways of life, inform and shape our practice, and provide compelling evidence of the effectiveness and appropriateness of our work.

Our Mission as Teacher and Counselor Educators

Our mission is to facilitate the development of competent, caring, qualified educators. As Lehman college faculty we invite teacher and counselor education candidates to join with us in a life-long inquiry into teaching and learning. We aspire to form covenants with the variety of communities we serve to provide professional educaton candidates with the education necessary to contribute to the shaping of a democratic society motivated toward social justice. Our mission is to sustain an urban education program of the highest quality. This involves:

  • preparing effective teachers and counselors for a wide variety of settings;
  • exploring and addressing, through research, scholarship, and service, the challenges of urban education;
  • collaborating with families and schools, as well as with local, national, and international professional organizations to improve the state and status of education;
  • empowering students to see their role in promoting justice, equity, and caring.

This mission is best accomplished when there is a spirit of community and collegiality within and across college departments and affiliated centers and institutes as well as between the college and the schools.

Last modified: Oct 13, 2011

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