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Lehman College

Vassilios N. Gargalas, Ph.D.

Office: Carman Hall, Room 382
Phone: 718.960.8507


  • Ph.D. in Finance, New York University
  • M.Phil. in Finance, New York University
  • B.Sc. in Economics, Athens University, Greece

Professional Bio

Dr. Vassilios N. Gargalas is currently an Associate Professor of Finance at Lehman College in New York. He has previously served on the faculties of New York University, Fordham University, University of Bridgeport, Western Connecticut State University, Touro College, as well as other institutions in the United Stated and Europe. Dr. Gargalas teaches courses in corporate finance, investments, international finance, and financial institutions. His primary areas of research and publication have been related to corporate finance and financial institutions.

Dr. Gargalas received his B.Sc. from Athens University of Economics, his M.Phil. from New York University, and was awarded his Ph.D. in Finance from New York University. He has consulted with a number of financial institutions including Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Aetolian Capital, etc.


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