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General Courses and Workshops

How to Use a PC - Intensive

Whether you have been using the computer for a while or are a new user, you will learn some new skills and tips in this workshop. Topics covered include using the mouse and keyboard; the Start menu and taskbar; moving and resizing windows; and launching programs. Learn how to create short- cuts; use gadgets; change basic settings; manage and organize files and folders; use control panel; configure user accounts and work with devices. Also covered are browsing the web with Internet Explorer, adding sites to Favorites list, and preventing computer hacking.
PCW 41 3/4 sessions / 12 hours / LEHC / $165

How to Use a Mac - Intensive

Whether you are new to a Mac or already use one, you will learn the essentials in order to operate it to the fullest. Topics include the desktop; Mission Control; the Finder; updating software; system preferences; installing apps; PC vs. Mac and more.
PCW 42 3 sessions / 12 hours / LEHC / $165

Computer Basics Workshop

Are you feeling out of the loop when it comes to today’s technology? Computer Basics is a comprehensive course that teaches you the basics of how a computer works, takes the mystery out of hardware and software, and the Windows operating system.
MAT 10 4 sessions / 8 hours / LEHC / $139

Beyond the Basics of Computers

Learn to safely search and explore the internet, understand web browsers, shop, find online communities and more. Prerequisite MAT 10 or equivalent
MAT 13 2 sessions / 4 hours / LEHC / $75
SPRING Wed & Fri 10 am-12 pm May 17-19

EDP 115 10 sessions / 20 hours/ LEHC/$259 

Excel Tips and Tricks

Improve spreadsheet skills immediately with this Excel tips, tricks and techniques workshop. Learn the experts’ secrets for using Excel more powerfully and efficiently. Learn keyboard, navigation, and formatting shortcuts. Prerequisites: Experience working with Excel.
PCW 51 1 session / 3 hours / LEHC / $55

Website Design I

This is an introductory course in HTMXL and XTHML, the languages used to create documents for publication on the web. Emphasis is placed on creating effective, informative and aesthetically pleasing web content.
EDP 115 10 sessions/20 hours/LEHC/ $259

Adobe Photoshop

This introductory course will teach you about basic and intermediate Photoshop. Students will learn how to apply the principles of effective graphic design and the representation of images and color in a digital world.
EDP 56 7 sessions / 20 hours / LEHC / $259


Curso de Computacion: Desde el Basico hasta el Avanzado

En este curso completo, se incluyen los siguientes temas: la estructura del equipo, sistemas operativos y administración del sistema; programas de utilidad: las bases de datos; presentaciones; Las aplicaciones de Microsoft (Microsoft Word, Excel y PowerPoint 2013); internet: conexiones, “navegadores” motores de búsqueda “descargas,” “archivos” música y fotos digitales, comercio electrónico y phishing (estafa, phishing, etc.); correo electrónico, mensajería, salas de chat y blogs; y el desarrollo de la red.
EDP 82 5 sessions / 15 hours / COTC / $225