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Lehman College

Childrens and Teens Programs


Lehman Academy for Children and Teens

Lehman Academy for Children and TeensThe Lehman Academy for Children and Teens is a community dedicated to engaging youngsters in interesting and stimulating classes taught by expert instructors. They encourage creativity, develop talents and skills, support academic endeavors, and foster physical fitness. Classes are created for specific age groups and grades to so that students feel confident and comfortable.  Saturday classes are offered in the fall and spring semesters and on weekdays in the summer.

Academic Enrichment

Our academic enrichment programs offer courses in English language arts (ELA), math improvement, science, technology, test prep and languages. Instructors encourage students to become independent, self-confident, and efficient learners by engaging students in enjoyable age-appropriate activities that cover the curriculum in a relaxed and individualized setting.


In spring 2016, we are offering new technology courses including:

  • Computer Animation
  • Kid-Friendly Apps
  • Smartphone Photography

The technology courses are designed to enhance and encourage curiosity and enthusiasm for technology. Instructors create activities based on children’s levels.

Test Prep

SAT prep courses are offered for students in the 11th and 12th grades. The math and verbal sections are held separately to allow students to focus on one specific area of the exam in each course. Students engage in extensive practice while in class, and are taught strategies to use while taking the exam. Test preparation for the New York City specialized high schools exam is offered to 8th- and 9th-grade students.

Creative Arts

Our creative arts classes include acting, dance, guitar and piano instruction, and art courses. Drawing and cartooning were very popular last summer with the children enjoying drawing, creating, and displaying their finished work. Children are encouraged to use their imagination to create wonderful masterpieces.


Basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, and martial arts are available this spring for children/teens. Please browse our catalog to select the appropriate class/grade level.


Child/Parent swimming classes are offered for parents who wish to assist their children with the transition of getting into the water and learning the basics of swimming. Swimming classes are also held for different levels and ages. Pre-team swimming is available for our advanced swimmers.

Full Catalog and Registration Information for the Children and Teens Programs

View Our Catalog and Register Now or call 718.960.8512 for assistance with registration.

Lehman Academy for Children and Teens

All matters pertaining to the Children’s Academy may be addressed to:
Marleen Bustelo, Children’s Academy Director
Tel. 718.960.8865

Lehman College Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2016 is filled with dynamic activities for children and teens. Our goal is to encourage the children to develop their social, athletic, and academic skills. For more information, please visit the Continuing Education - Summer Camp at SCPS page.