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Lehman College

Department of Chemistry

Fall 2018 Seminar Series


*All seminars are held in room 337 Davis Hall from 2:30pm to 3:30pm (unless noted otherwise in the table below)


Date and Host Speaker and affiliation Title of Talk
September 26th
Andrei Jitianu
GJonathan Singer, Rutgers University Mobility-mediated Self Assembly in Extreme Fields
October 3rd
Gustavo Lopez
Columba de la Parra, NYU Medical School TBA

October 10th

Pamela Mills

Susan Demais, Lehman College TBA

October 17th

Donna McGregor

Jennifer Schesterman, Hunter College TBA

October 24th

Donna McGregor

Marko Jovanovic, Columbia University Pervasive, Coordinated Protein-Level Changes Driven by Transcript Isoform Switching during Meiosis

October 29th (MONDAY)

Napthali O'Connor

Timothy B. Clark, University of San Diego Amine- and Phosphine-Directed C-H Borylation: From Catalyst DEvelopment to Synthetic Utility

November 7th

Andrei Jitianu

Rupal Gupta, CSI TBA

November 14th

Tom Kurtzman

Junyong Choi, Queens College TBA

November 21st

Pradobhika Mallikaratchy

Frank A. Kero. Perkin Elmer Improved Instrument Robustness via a Hot Surface Induced Desolvation (HSID) Interface for Tandem Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation: fundamentals and applications

November 28th

Gutavo Lopez

Greg Alushin, Rockerfeller TBA

December 5th

Prabodhika Mallikaratchy

Hassan Zumrut, Lehman College (graduate student) Ligand Guided Selection of DNA aptamers against CD3e