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Lehman College

Department of Computer Science at Lehman College


As highlighted in the video, our faculty members and their students at all levels study the most pressing biological problems using the latest technologies. Their research labs provide excellent opportunities for students at all levels to learn, practice, and develop skills to solve biological problems.

Research areas

Most of our faculty members are also part of CUNY Biology and Biochemistry Ph.D. programs. They participate in the following areas of research.

Plant Sciences Neuroscience Molecular & Cellular Development Ecology Biochemistry
Haiping Cheng Gabriel Aisemberg Haiping Cheng Dwight Kincaid Haiping Cheng
Edward Kennelly Maryam Bamshad Edward Jarroll Joseph Rachlin Edward Kennelly
Dwight Kincaid Martin Muntzel Stephen Redenti Stephen Redenti
Joseph Rachlin Eleanore Wurtzel   Eleanore Wurtzel
Renuka Sankaran       Moira Sauane
Eleanore Wurtzel        
Zhi-Liang Zheng