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Department of Biology

Faculty Stephen M. Redenti

Faculty Stephen M. RedentiE-mail address:
Phone Number: 718-960-2236
Office: Science Hall 3402 (Lab: Science Hall 3401)
Rank: Assistant Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: Ph.D., Biology, Neuroscience

Academic Interests:

Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, Nanotechnology


  • 2001: Sigma Xi, Grants in Aid of Research, “OPL Modulation” Research Grant
  • 2002: Center for Study of Gene Structure and Function, Physiology Study Award
  • 2004, Bausch and Lomb, “Retinal Zinc Transport”, Young Investigator Award
  • 2005: Center for Study of Gene Structure and Function, Symposium Presentation Award
  • 2006: Sponsored Research CUNY, “Photoreceptor Mitochondrial Zinc” Research Grant
  • 2007, ARVO Foundation for Eye Research/Pauline and Oswald Lapp Travel Grant


  • J Uchenna, M Vasquez, S Redenti. EGF-gradient induced retinal progenitor cell migratory response is chemokinetic and via theJAK/STAT and PI3Kinase signaling pathways. Plos One. 2013 (in press)
  • Nina Tandon, Rajiv Saigal, Jing Zhou, Robert Langer, Michael Young, Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, Stephen Redenti. Biomimetic Electrical Stimulation via a Biocompatible Conductive Polymer Directs Retinal Progenitor Cell Differentiation. IEEE Engineering in Medicineand Biology. 2013.(in press)
  • N Tandon, E Cimetta, A Taubman, N Kupferstein, U Madaan, J Mighty, S Redenti and G Vunjak-Novakovic. Biomimetic electrical stimulation platform for neural differentiation of retinal progenitor cells. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology. 2013. (in press)
  • Do W, Herrera C, Mighty J, Shumskaya M, Redenti SM, Sauane M. Sigma 1 receptor plays a prominent role in IL-24-induced cancer-specific apoptosis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.2013 Sep 20;439(2):215-20
  • LS Einbond, J Mighty, S Redenti, H Wu. Actein induces calcium release in human breast cancer cells. Med. Res. Review.2013 Aug 9;91C:28-38
  • S. Schmitt, U. Aftab, C. Jiang, S.Redenti, H. Klassen, E. Miljan, J.Sinden, M. Young.Molecular Characterization of Human Retinal Progenitor Cells. IOVS. 2009. (Online)
  • Redenti S., Neeley W., Rampani S., Saigal S., Yang J., Klassen H., Langer R., Young M. Engineering Retinal Progenitor Cell and Microfabricated Poly(Glycerol-Sebacate)Composites for Expansion and Subretinal Transplantation. 2009 Biomaterials. 30(20):3405-14.
  • Redenti S., Tao S., Yang  J., Gu P., Klassen H., Saigal S., Desai T., Young MJ. Retinal Tissue Engineering using Mouse Retinal Progenitor Cells and a Novel Biodegradable, Thin-film Poly(e- caprolactone) Nanowire Scaffold. 2008. Journal of Ocular Biology, Diseases, and Informatics. 1936-8445, Online.
  • Neeley WL, Redenti S, Klassen H, Tao S, Desai T, Young MJ, Langer R. A microfabricated scaffold for retinal progenitor cell grafting. Biomaterials. 2008 Feb;29(4):418-26.
  • Redenti S., Ripps H., Chappell RL. Zinc Release at the Synaptic Terminals of Rod Photoreceptors. Exp Eye Res. 2007. Oct;85(4):580-4. (Cited in Science,STKE 2007 (411), pe61.)
  • Redenti S., Chappell RL. Muller Cell Zinc Transporter-3 Labeling  > Suggests a Role in Outer Retina Zinc Homeostasis. Mol Med. 2007. Jul- Aug;13(7-8):376-9.
  • Tao S., Young C., Redenti S., Zhang Y., Klassen H., Desai T. and Young MJ. Survival, migration and differentiation of retinal progenitor cells transplanted on micro-machined poly(methyl methacrylate) scaffolds to the subretinal space. Lab on  a Chip. 2007. Jun;7 (6):695-701.
  • Redenti, S., Chappell, RL. Neuroimaging of zinc released by depolarization of rat retinal cells. Vision Research. 2005. 45:3520-5.
  • Qian H., Chappell RL., Redenti S., Ripps H. Membrane properties of two subtypes of skate bipolar cells. Biological Bulletin. 2004. 207:191-194.
  • Redenti S., Chappell RL. Localization of zinc transporter-3 (ZnT-3) in retina of mouse. Vision Research. 2004. 44:3317-3321.
  • Redenti S., Chappell RL. Zinc chelation enhances the sensitivity of the ERG b-wave in dark-adapted skate retina. Biological Bulletin.  2003. 205: 213-214.
  • Redenti S., Chappell RL. Zinc chelation enhances the zebrafish retinal ERG b-wave. Biological Bulletin. 2002. 203:200-202.Biological Bulletin. 203: 200-202.
  • Chappell, RL., Redenti S. Endogenous zinc as a neuromodulator in vertebrate retina: evidence from the retinal slice. 2001. Biological Bulletin. 201: 265-267.

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