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Department of Biology

A Guide to Undergraduate Success in Biology

The faculty of the Department of Biological Sciences is committed to providing the diverse undergraduate student body a rigorous and nurturing academic environment for their successful graduation. The courses offered by the department will provide students with the most current information in modern Biology. In addition, the department offers a number of programs to support students in getting hands-on research experience. To ensure academic success, the faculty encourages students to follow these guidelines:

  • Find out what the Biology Department has to offer - Familiarize yourself with the Biology program by visiting the departmental Website where you will find information about the faculty and their research projects, course offerings, and our research facilities.
  • Find out if there are any prerequisites for the courses you want to take - Most courses offered in the Biology Department have prerequisites and additional requirements. Some courses will not count towards the biology major. Before you register for a course, make sure you know the requirements.  If you are uncertain, consult the undergraduate adviser.
  • Prepare for class before it begins - Find out who will be your instructor.  Get the course syllabus from your instructor before you go to class.  Some instructors offer their course information online, either through their own website or on Blackboard.  Buy the books required for the course and review the contents before going to class.
  • Improve your study skills and learn to manage your time effectively - information is available at online sites such as Education Atlas to help you change your study habits.
  • Talk to other students – your classmates, senior undergraduates, and graduate students will share their experience in college with you if you ask them. You can learn from their mistakes or successes. You can become better acquainted with other students by participating in honor society organizations at such as Sigma Xi and Phi Beta Kappa or doing research under the supervision of a faculty member.