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Faculty Recognition Awards, 2009

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galvezAlyshia Gálvez (Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies) is a cultural anthropologist who received her PhD from NYU in 2004. Her work focuses on the efforts by Mexican immigrants in New York City to achieve the rights of citizenship. Professor Gálvez joined the Department of Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies in the Fall of 2007. Her book Guadalupe in New York: Devotion and the Struggle for Citizenship Rights among Mexican Immigrants is forthcoming in late 2009 from New York University Press. She is currently conducting a new research project, an intervention into the so-called Hispanic birthweight paradox, examining the experiences of Mexican women with New York’s public healthcare system. She was given a PSC-CUNY Research Award in 2008 to conduct research in Oaxaca, Mexico with families of migrants on pregnancy and childbirth in migrant sending communities. In 2008-9, Gálvez participated in a Mellon Foundation faculty seminar at the CUNY Graduate Center entitled “The Sacred and the Secular” in the Center for Humanities.


lockeJohn Locke (Speech-Language Hearing Sciences) is a distinguished scholar and a prolific author who has made and continues to make significant contributions to his profession. An internationally renowned linguist, he reaches a diverse audience, extending current knowledge in many areas, such as speech and language development and production, linguistics, reading disabilities and dyslexia, and the evolution of language. During the 2008-2009 academic year he has published four articles in Biology & Philosophy, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Topics in Language Disorders, Language Sciences. In addition, Professor Locke has two periodical articles and book manuscripts in preparation. During the past academic year, he has presented his research at local, national, and international professional meetings.




locoscoAlthough new to the Lehman College Community, Paula Loscocco (English), a specialist in 17th and 18th century British literature, has made herself beloved to her students. She has earned their admiration by asking much of them and by giving much of herself to help them do their best work. She devised imaginative syllabi and assignments, and carefully prepared her courses from the most elementary to the most complicated. This academic year, Paula’s students completed an anthology of their favorite poems with explanations of why they chose the poems. Paula is an expert teacher and she patiently and sympathetically works with students (one on one) during office hours to help them improve their work. Prof. Loscocco is an example of the best we have in Lehman.



tilleyJanette Tilley (Music) teaches all four courses in the music history sequence for music majors, in which she has developed a series of assignments based on different skills required of the music professional, including but not limited to writing program notes, concert reviews, liner notes, as well as traditional academic essays. One of her primary goals is to help students become better listeners and to use writing as a way of focusing the ear. Technology plays an important role in her teaching, from relatively passive overheads, to interactive use of the SmartBoard in class to collect notes and student input. She utilizes YouTube to locate recordings of unusual performances and share playlists with the class. She has shared her writing-to-listen assignments with the academic community through the Carnegie foundation's Writing Across the Curriculum website and is currently writing an article for the college's WAC anthology on non-traditional academic writing assignments.




larimerIn her short period of time at Lehman, Amy Larimer (Journalism, Communication and Theatre) has revised the Dance/Theater B.F.A. major and minor. She also created seven new courses and the Bronx Dance Workshop. In addition she has initiated a number of performances to bring more visibility to the emerging dance program and to enrich the Lehman community. Amy also created the Lehman Summer Dance program and the choreography of all productions requiring dance in the Theatre/Dance programs. Finally, Amy is the director of the Dance program and mentor to the students in this program.



estevezCarmen Esteves(Languages and Literatures) has been a Department P& B member for more than ten years, the Departmental Faculty Senate representative or an at large Senate representative for more than twenty years. Shedevelops and makes the programs and the schedule for the Spanish section of more than 25 full and part-time instructors. She also schedules and assigns faculty to proctor and grade fall, spring and summer placement examinations in Spanish and French, and prepares the schedule and assigns faculty to work in the faculty office during the registration periods. Additionally, this academic year, she served as a search committee member for the Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities and she stepped in to serve as Spanish language coordinator, when the person we hired withdrew at the last moment. Finally, she never misses a faculty meeting and was a participant in the Writing Across the Curriculum Program.


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