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School of Arts and Humanities


Faculty Recognition Awards, 2012

Each year Lehman College honors six faculty from each School for their contributions in research, teaching, and service. Here are this year's recipients in Arts and Humanities. Click to see recipients in 2009, and 2010, and 2011.

Research and Creative Activity

goralSince receiving her Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center in 2001, Mira Goral (Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences) has published 35 articles and book chapters on aphasia, bilingualism, and the intersection between language and the aging process. She joined the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences in 2006 following a five-year NIH post-doc at the Boston University Medical Center, and hasn’t missed a beat since returning to the CUNY fold. She has received major funding from the NIH for her Neurolinguistics Lab here at Lehman, where she and her team study (among other things) language treatment of chronic aphasia patients, language and cognition in older bilingual adults, and sentence processing in older adults. Like many of her colleagues in SLHS, Mira’s work advances our ability to relieve suffering while it advances knowledge.


morkoskiMolly Morkoski (Music) is a concert pianist who has performed on several occasions at Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera, and has premiered original compositions with the Saint Louis Symphony, the Toronto Opera Company, and the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague. This past year, she has performed on three CDs released by Albany Records, including a solo recording, “Threads.” She has worked with some of her generation’s best composers, including Martin Kennedy and Andrew Waggoner, while also bringing new interpretations to composers like Bach and Charles Ives. She has also regularly brought this music—as challenging to play as it is exhilarating to hear—to Lehman faculty and students.


montanoFrancisco Montaño (Languages and Literatures) has mainly taught introductory and intermediate French during his time at Lehman, although he has also taught introductory Italian and Spanish. Student and peer evaluations refer to his dynamism, humor, and friendliness—all especially important traits in introductory language classes. In addition to his performance in the classroom, he has immeasurably improved the teaching of foreign language at Lehman through his work as the department’s Language Coordinator. Not only graduate teaching fellows and adjuncts, but also senior colleagues, have improved their teaching owing to his leadership in this area.


mckennaChristine McKenna (Journalism, Communication, and Theatre) is in her second year as a Lecturer, with a focus on teaching New Media, which includes training in such vital areas as web design, social media, and other networking tools—all of which have become central in all aspects of the media. She brings to bear more than a decade of experience as a web-based journalist for PBS, WNYC, The Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets. In sharing this experience with students she has combined kindness with high standards, and a clear sense of what they need to learn in order to succeed in the “real world.” She has complemented her teaching of New Media courses by serving as co-editor of The Bronx Journal, an online newspaper that gives students course credit for applying the skills they learn. A year after she took on this responsibility, the Bronx Journal received the CUNY Murray Kempton Award for Journalism in the “best web publication” category, and one of her students received an award for best feature story.


skolnikJanet Skolnik (Art) has served both the Art Department and the Adult Degree Program as a primary advisor of undergraduates for the past several years. Combined, these majors serve more than 500 undergraduates, and neither program could function effectively without her detailed knowledge of the curriculum and her ability to communicate this knowledge in a clear, friendly way to students. In addition, she provided most of the work last year when the Art Department undertook a thorough overhaul of its major.

carneyJames Carney(Journalism, Communication, and Theatre) is in charge of advising in the journalism and media studies programs in JCT, and in his role as deputy chair he has helped keep the department in one piece over the past three years as it has undergone major changes in its curriculum and staff. He also chairs the Senate Library, Telecommunications, and Technology Committee, has served on several important college-wide search committees, and is one of the faculty leaders on the Multimedia Center Advisory Committee. His service to CUNY has extended beyond Lehman as well: he is a central player in the CUNY Online Baccalaureate Program and has produced many episodes of Edcast for CUNY TV.


Last modified: May 28, 2012

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