The Piccirilli Studio: Public Sculpture For the Nation


image 42

(New York City Municipal Archives). The two brownstones on right were built for the Piccirillis in 1893. The one on the very far right was the family residence.The brownstone with the arched doorway was actually the studio. Behind the arch was a huge freight elevator used to lift marble blocks up to the second floor and finished work back down to the street.The roof of the second floor was actually a skylight that ran the length of the building and and flooded the top floor with sunlight which was crucial to the work of sculpting and carving. The wide low building behind the two men was the second studio built in 1905. This photo was taken in about 1940 as part of a program to record real estate property for tax purposes. The numbers on the sign identify the location of the buildings.



Last modified: Oct 25, 2011

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