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Lehman College

Department of Philosophy

Marcello Di Bello

Marcello Di Bello (B.A., Catholic University of Milan; M.Sc., University of Amsterdam; Ph.D., Stanford University) is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Lehman College. His research interests are in philosophy of law and epistemology with a focus on legal epistemology and reasoning, evidence, probability, and epistemic closure. During the academic year 2016-2017 he held an Infoys Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study in the School of Social Science in Princeton.

Office: Carman 365

Personal website

Recent Publications

  • "Trial by Statistics: Is a High Probability of Guilt Enough to Convict?" Mind (forthcoming)
  • "Plausibility and Probability in Juridical Proof," International Journal of Evidence and Proof (forthcoming)
  • "Evidence and Decision-Making in the Law" (co-edited with Bart Verheij), special issue of Artificial Intelligence and Law (forthcoming)
  • "Can Probability Theory Explain Why Epistemic Closure is Both Intuitive and Prone to Counterexamples?" Philosophical Studies 175 (2018)
  • "Evidential Reasoning" (co-authored with Bart Verheij), in Handbook of Legal Reasoning and Argumentation, eds. Giorgio Bongiovanni et al. (Springer, 2018)
  • "Epistemic Closure, Assumptions and Topics of Inquiry," Synthese 191 (2014)