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Facilities and Equipment

(Available only for students registered in Music courses. In some cases, departmental permission is also required.)

Practice rooms with pianos (rooms 210, 402, 402, 407, 408)
- Signed out through the Departmental Office (room 319); available weekdays 9am-4:30pm.

Electronic Music Lab (room 412)
- Accessible only by students who have taken or are taking Electronic Music; available weekdays 9am-4:30pm, except during Electronic Music class time.

Piano Practice Lab (room 316)
- Signed out through the Departmental Office (room 319); available weekdays 9am-4:30pm.

Percussion Room (room 212)
- Signed out through the Departmental Office (room 319); instructor permission required; available weekdays 9am-4:30pm.

- Signed out only to students registered in performing ensembles or instrumental methods courses. Instructor permission required.




There are many opportunities for all Lehman students to participate in musical ensembles, including the Chorus, Band, Jazz Band, Latin-Jazz Band, Jazz Combos, and Orchestra. We also encourage students to create their own ensembles. Past student initiatives have included Gospel choir, woodwind quintet, and other chamber ensembles.

Students enrolled in private instruction are expected to perform in the student recitals at the end of each semester.  Graduating seniors may choose to perform a solo recital to fulfill their Senior Project requirement. (Click here for more information about Senior Projects).

Students enrolled in the 64-credit Music major are required meet minimum piano proficiency standards, either by successfully completing MSP 191 (Piano) with a grade of B or higher, or by passing a performance exam. Those choosing the exam should contact Dr. Molly Morkoski through the Departmental office at (718) 960-8247. Please click here for details on the Piano Proficiency Exam.



Job Opportunities at Lehman

Positions are open for Federal Work-Study (FWS). Students must apply for FWS funds and have the approval of the Financial Aid Office. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 718-960-5126.

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