Music Department

Symposium - Percussion

Lehman Summer Music Education Program 2013

Percussion Methods
Mon to Fri, July 8 to July 12
8:30am to 4:30pm
Professor Victor Rendon

MSP 750-H01B (3 graduate credits, 3 hours) -or-
MST 485-H02B (3 undergraduate credits, 3 hours)
Courses meet concurrently.
Afro-Caribbean Percussion Rhythms


Course Description

An overview of playing techniques and rhythmic concepts from the Caribbean and South America. Suitable for all music practitioners; percussion specialization not required. Instruments covered will include claves, maracas, güiro, bongos, congas, cajón, timbales, and others.


Learning Objectives

  • Visually and aurally recognize various Caribbean and South American percussion instruments.
  • Demonstrate proper playing technique on all instruments presented.
  • Play a selection of traditional rhythms in the proper regional/ traditional style.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural and historical contexts of the music covered in the course.
  • Develop lesson plans for student populations


Registration Information

If you are a current Lehman student, please email Darina Bejtja to obtain departmental permission.

If you are a new or returning student, please submit the Visiting Music Student Application Form to the address on the application, with a check for the appropriate admission fee only. If you are a new student, please also include an official transcript of your degree(s).

Please click here for the fee schedule.


For further information, please contact the Music Department at 718-960-8247, or email Darina Bejtja in the Music Department office.



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