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Symposium - Ear Training

Lehman Music Education Symposium 2012

Advanced Ear Training
Mon to Thu, July 9 to August 1
11:00am to 2:30pm
Professor Marta Ghezzo

MST 714-01B (3 graduate credits, 3 hours) -or-
MST 335-01B (3 undergraduate credits, 3 hours)
Courses meet concurrently.
Techniques in Contemporary Ear Training:
Ear training and related skills based on the chromatic system, whole-tone scale, Messiaen's modes, atonality, and graphic symbols.


Course Description

Ear training, sight singing, rhythmic exercises and dictation skills for music teachers, conductors, and performers of contemporary music.


Learning Objectives

  • Perform exercises based on the chromatic system, whole-tone scale, the modes of Messiaen, atonality (“free” atonality and dodecaphonism), aleatorism, and graphic symbols.
  • Demonstrate mastery of the exercises designed to develop the musical ear in moving from tonality to atonality.
  • Report accurately on the intricate pitch relations and rhythmic patterns in music based on atonality, dodecaphonism, aleatorism, and other techniques of composition.
  • Demonstrate understanding of contemporary music skills by using them in a pedagogical, conducting, or performance setting.


Registration Information

If you are a current Lehman student, please email Darina Bejtja to obtain departmental permission.

If you are a new or returning student, please submit the Visiting Music Student Application Form form to the address on the application, with a check for the appropriate admission fee only. If you are a new student, please also include an official transcript of your degree(s).

Please click here for the fee schedule.


For further information, please contact the Music Department at 718-960-8247, or email Darina Bejtja in the Music Department office.



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