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Department of Music, Multimedia, Theatre & Dance

Faculty - David Font Navarrete

David Font-NavarettePhone: 718-960-7778
Office: Music Building, Room 304
Office Hours: TBA
Rank: Assistant Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: B.A., Antioch College; M.A., University of Maryland; Ph.D., York University

David Font-Navarrete is a musician, artist, and ethnomusicologist. As an ethnomusicologist, he has conducted primary research in Cuba, Senegal, the Gambia, and the United States. The subjects of his publications include traditional Afro-Cuban and African music, the "tradi-modern" Congotronics series of recordings, the Sublime Frequencies label, and Bass. His current research projects include: a book and multimedia project on Afro-Cuban music (co-written with Kenneth Schweitzer), Lukumí Music: Art, Ritual, and Culture; a monograph on the confluence of cultural traditions, avant-garde art, and ethnography titled Art at the Edge of Tradition; and an English translation of Lydia Cabrera's El Monte. Font-Navarrete earned a BA from Antioch College (1995), an MA from the University of Maryland College Park (2007), and a PhD from York University (2011). Before joining Lehman College CUNY in 2017, he worked at Duke University, Miami International University of Art and Design, Miami Dade College, and Washington College.

Selected Publications

  • 2016. “The Amplification of Muted Voices: Notes On a Recitation of the Adhan.” Sounding Out!
  • 2016. “Ambient Sounds in Sublime Frequencies as Art (and/or) Ethnography.” In Punk Ethnography: The Sublime Frequencies Companion, edited by Michael Veal and E. Tammy Kim. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press.
  • 2016. Translation (Spanish–English) of “Timba, rumba, y la ‘apropiación desde adentro’” by Iñigo Sánchez Fuarros. In A Latin American Music Reader: Views from the South, edited by Javier León and Helena Simonett. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press. 
  • 2015. “Awo Ayan: Metaphysical Dimensions of the Yoruba Divinity of Drumming.” Co-authored with Akinsola Akiwowo. In The Yoruba God of Drumming: Transatlantic Perspectives on the Wood That Talks, edited by Amanda Villepastour. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi.
  • 2015. “Bass 101: Miami, Rio, and the Global Music South.” Journal of Popular Music Studies 27 (4): 488-517.
  • 2011. “‘File Under Import’: Musical Distortion, Exoticism, and Authenticité in Congotronics.” Ethnomusicology Review 16.