Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics

Learning Goals and Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the undergraduate Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics at Lehman College of the City University of New York is to provide students with a strong learning experience based on the knowledge of theoretical and applied linguistics related to languages of the world.

Program Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal I: Students will develop an understanding of the basic components of linguistic knowledge


1.1. Explain the major academic theories of language and of language acquisition

1.2. Describe how sound patterns work, the structure of words and sentences, and the semantic properties of language

1.3. Analyze phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic data in the study of phonetics and phonology, syntax, and semantics

Goal II: Students will demonstrate a working knowledge of the structure of a language other than English


2.1. Identify the structural and cultural features of a language other than English

2.2. Demonstrate an ability to produce and understand simple written and oral texts in a language other than English

2.3. Describe the sound, word, sentence, and discourse differences across languages

* Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish are all offered by the Department of Languages and Literatures.

Goal III: Students will demonstrate knowledge of sociolinguistics, and diachronic and synchronic study in linguistic theory.


3.1. Describe the ways in which languages change

3.2. Explain the relationship between language and society

3.3. Critically evaluate how language plays a central role in social and political issues such as gender and racial discrimination, immigration attitudes and laws, and educational policies


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