Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics



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Courses in Sociolinguistics

ANT 228 (LNG 228): Language and Culture. 3 hours, 3 credits. Cultural meanings of language in use and the interrelations between linguistic behaviors and cultural practices.

LNG 326 (ANT 326): Anthropological Linguistics. 3 hours, 3 credits. Speech and language within the context of anthropology. Language as a cultural resource.

*LNG 328 (SPV 329): Social and Regional Dialects of English. 3 hours, 3 credits.

LNG 335: Sociolinguistics: The Sociology of Language. 3 hours, 3 credits. The interaction among language, culture, and society; issues of language diversity; the development of dialects, pidgins, and creoles.

LNG (WST) 338: Women, Men, and Language. 3 hours, 3 credits. Review of major theoretical approaches to the field of language and gender, from diverse cultural perspectives. Analysis of ways in which gender ideologies shape and are shaped by language use.

Courses in Language Change

LNG 319 (ENG 305): History of the English Language. 3 hours, 3 credits. Historical linguistics and the study of English, including analysis of selected texts from Old English through early modern English to illustrate the development of the English language. Attention will be paid to the phonology and grammar of the English language and to ways language is used for expressive ends in the selected literary examples.

LNG 334: Historical Linguistics. 3 hours, 3 credits. Principles of historical linguistics. The nature of language change, types and causes of change, variation and diffusion of changes through populations, differentiation of dialects and languages, determination and classification of historical relationships among languages, the reconstruction of ancestral languages and intermediate changes.. PREREQ: LNG 160 (SPV 246).

LNG 336: When Languages Meet: Social Contact and Language Change. 3 hours, 3 credits. The phonological, morphological, and syntactic changes that language undergoes in a contact situation. PREREQ: LNG 160 (SPV 246) or Program Adviser’s permission.

LNG 341: The Evolution of Language. 3 hours, 3 credits. How did language evolve? Theories, many of them rather colorful, have been proposed for several centuries, but recent research in evolutionary and developmental biology, neurology, genetics, ethology, cognitive science, and linguistics has produced a new generation of exciting proposals. We evaluate the evidence for these proposals. In doing so, we look at various patterns of behavior in other species, and at selected aspects of human cognition. What happened in the lives of our evolutionary ancestors, we ask, that did not happen in the lives of other primates? PREREQ: LNG 160 (SPV 246).

Courses in Meaning Analysis

LNG 266 (PHI 230): Symbolic Logic. 3 hours, 3 credits. Introduction to the techniques and applications of modern deductive logic; a development of formal systems of propositional and quantificational logic. Note: (LNG 266) PHI 230 is recommended to students with some background in logic, philosophy, computer science, or mathematics.

LNG 267 (PHI 231): Language, Meaning, and Knowledge. 3 hours, 3 credits. Introduction to the philosophical study of language and meaning. Methods employed and problems encountered in the analysis of both constructed and natural languages will be examined.

LNG 337: Conversational and Discourse Analysis. 3 hours, 3 credits. Spoken and written conversational and discourse analysis with an overview of various psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic approaches. Application to language teaching and research. PREREQ: LNG 160 (SPV 246).

LNG 340: Pragmatics. 3 hours, 3 credits. Language use relative to structure and context. Theoretical perspectives on speech acts and their application to human communication and language instruction. PREREQ: LNG 160 (SPV 246)

Courses in Language Acquisition and Learning

LNG 230 (SPV 221): Language Acquisition. 3 hours, 3 credits. Study of speech, language, and communication skills in typically developing children. Exploration of gender, multicultural, multilinguistic, and socioeconomic variations in language development. Analysis of the processes involved in language learning and use and the foundations of language and literacy from infancy through the school-age years to complex language development over the lifespan.

LNG (SPV) 312: Bilingualism. 3 hours, 3 credits. The nature of bilingualism as a societal and individual human phenomenon; linguistic and applied linguistic issues; second language acquisition, psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, neurolinguistic, educational aspects of bilingualism, and language policy. PREREQ: LNG (SPV) 245 or LNG 150 or 160 (SPV 246), or BBE 171 and 301.

Topics in Linguistics

LNG 150: The Phenomena of Language. 3 hours, 3 credits. The nature of language-its forms and uses. A survey of linguistic analysis. Language as data in psychology, anthropology, sociology, and other social sciences.

LNG 185 (CIS 166): Computer Programming for Information Processing I. 4 hours, 4 credits. Computers, algorithms, and programs. Data representation; processing of quantitative and character data. Control structures, multidimensional arrays. Introduction to formatted input/output procedures. Programming applications drawn from business information processing. PREREQ: MAT 104 or placement by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

* LNG 240 (COM 01): Language and Communication. 3 hours, 3 credits.

* LNG (SPV) 325: The Contrastive Analysis of English with other Language. 3 hours, 3 credits.

AAS (LNG) 339: African languages. 3 hours, 3 credits. African languages and language families, their characteristics and development, including pidgin and Creole languages. Analysis of relations of language to ethnicity and identity. The contributions of African languages to general linguistic theory.

LNG (ENG) 315: Linguistics and Literature. 3 hours, 3 credits. The application of linguistic theory to the oral and written literatures of the world. PREREQ: LNG 160 (SPV 246) or Program Advisor's Permission.

*LNG 318 (ENG 304): The Structure of Modern English. 3 hours, 3 credits.

*LNG 418 (ENG 451): Studies in Linguistics. 3 hours, 3 credits.

* LNG 346 (PHI 351): Logic and Language. 3 hours, 3 credits.

* LNG 446 (PHI 450): Topics in Logic, the Philosophy of Language, or the Philosophy of Mathematics. 3 hours, 3 credits.

Courses in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

SPV 247: Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism. 3 hours, 3 credits. Anatomy, physiology, and neurophysiology of the speech and vocal mechanism; physiological studies of speech.

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