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Spring 2017


Advising schedule for Springl 2017 Registration



January 3, T.     12:00-6:30       Esteves
January 4, W.    10:00-4:00       Erfani
January 10, T.   12:00-6:30       Payán (Ihde 12-3)
January 11, W.  10:00-4:00       Tochika
January 17, T.    12:00-6:30      Durán
January 18, W.  10:00-4:00       Lado
January 24, T.   12:00-6:30       Ramírez
January 25, W.  10:00-4:00       Montaño (10-1)/Saen (1-4)


Spanish Placement Exams

You can take the placement exam in the language lab

located in Carman Hall B-37

on Mondays and Wednesdays between 2pm and 6pm.

You must bring your CUNY ID to take the exam.


Scheduled Dates for French Placement Exams

Tuesday, Nov. 22


5:00 – 6:00pm


Monday, Nov. 28


3:30 – 4:30pm

CA 239

Thursday, Dec. 1


5:15 – 6:15pm

CA 237

Tuesday, Dec. 6


5:15 – 6:15pm

CA 237

Wednesday, Dec. 7


3:00 – 4:00pm

CA 225

Monday, Dec. 12


2:00 – 3:00pm

CA 239




Please register *in advance* to take the exam during these exam dates.

***Please register at least one business day before the exam.***

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for the exam, you will have to register for a different date.


Registration instructions:

Please email Tina Rivera ( with your name, EMPLID, and test date preference. On the day of the exam,

students must bring a pen/pencil, their Lehman ID and EMPLID number.


The exam will be used to place students in FRE (French) courses only. 


For more information please contact the Department of Languages and Literatures, CA-257, (718) 960-8215.


For Italian placement exam, contact Prof. Coller at

For Japanese placement exam, contact Prof. Tochika at

For more information, contact the Department of Languages and Literatures, CA, Room 257, 718-960-8215.




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