History Department


Faculty: Cindy Lobel


Academic Interests:
Urban history, New York history, American cultural, and social history

history of urban development, consumer culture, and food history



Urban Appetites: Food and Culture in Nineteenth-Century New York. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Spring 2014. Part of the “Historical Studies in Urban America Series,” edited by Timothy Gilfoyle, James Grossman, and Becky Nicolaides. Winner of the 2013 Dixon Ryan Fox Manuscript Prize, awarded by the New York State Historical Association to the best manuscript focusing on New York State History.

"Sylvester Graham and Antebellum Diet Reform," History Now 30 (Winter 2012). Click here for web access

"Eating the Big Apple: Foodways and metropolitan growth in 19th-century New York City. NY," Foodstory: The Journal of the Culinary Historians of New York, 1 (Fall 2012).

“’The Stomach First’:  Antebellum Diet Reform,” History Now, Issue 30 (December 2011), at http://www.gilderlehrman.org/historynow/01_2012/index.php.

“Out to Eat:  The Growth of New York City and its Restaurants,” Winterthur Portfolio 44:2/3 (Summer / Autumn 2010).

“A Walking Tour of Historic Harlem,” Podcast for classroom use, “Making Objects Speak Project,” NEH-funded grant through John Jay College, CUNY, Fall 2010.
Co-authored with Delia Mellis.  Click here to download.

“Women in Nineteenth-Century America,”in Clio in the Classroom, edited by Carol Berkin, Margaret Crocco, and Barbara Winslow.  New York:  Oxford University
Press, 2009.

“Delmonico’s” and “Sherry’s.”  In Entertaining from Ancient Rome to the Superbowl:  An Encylopedia.  Editor Francine Segan.  Westport CT:  Greenwood
Press, 2008.

“The Sideboard Takes Center Stage:  The Evolution of the Dining Room in the Nineteenth Century.”  Common-Place 7:1 (October 2006), at

“Views of New York City.”  Review of Mario Maffi, New York:  An Outsider’s Inside
View (Columbus:  Ohio State Press, 2004).  H-Urban, at http://www.h-
net.org/~urban/, January 2006.

“The Joy of Cookbooks.”  Reviews in American History 33:2 (June 2005).

“Pizza.”  In The Encyclopedia of New York State.  Editor Peter Eisenstadt.
Syracuse, NY:  Syracuse University Press, 2004.

“Historic Harlem.”  In The Big Onion Guide to New York City.  Editors Seth Kamil
and Eric Wakin.  New York: New York University Press, 2002.

Works in Progress / Accepted for Publication

The Appetite of the Metropolis:  Food, Eating, and Culture in Nineteenth-Century
New York City.  Manuscript in progress.

Catharine Beecher:  The Paradoxes of Gender in the Nineteenth Century.  Part of
the “Lives of American Women Biography Series,” edited by Carol Berkin.  Under
contract with Westview Press.

“We Built This City:  Playing with Voice in a U.S. Urban History Class,” In Public
Voices, edited by Marcie Wolfe and Jessica Yood, forthcoming.

“Consumer Culture in the pre-Twentieth Century American City,” Blackwell
Companion to American Urban History.  New York and London:  Blackwell Press,

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