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Articles by Timothy Alborn

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About Gold and Money

  • "King Solomon's Gold: Ophir in an Age of Empire," Journal of Victorian Culture 20 (2015): 491-508.  Click here for a companion blog post on my research for this article.
  • An Irish El Dorado: Recovering Gold in County Wicklow,” Journal of British Studies50 (2011): 359-380 (pdf file)
  • "Money's Worth: Morality, Class, Politics" in Martin Hewitt (ed.), The Victorian World (London: Routledge, 2012),pp. 209-224 (pdf file).
  • "Coin and Country: Visions of Civilisation in the British Recoinage Debate, 1867-1894," Journal of Victorian Culture 3 (1998): 252-281 (pdf file)

About Insurance

  • Quill-Driving: British Life-Insurance Clerks and Occupational Mobility, 1800-1914,” Business History Review 82 (2008): 31-58 (pdf file)
  • "A License to Bet: Life Insurance and the Gambling Act in the British Courts," Connecticut Insurance Law Journal 14 (2008): 1-20 (pdf file)
  • Normal Bodies, Normal Prices: Interdisciplinarity in Victorian Life Insurance.” Romanticism and Victorianism on the Web, no. 49 (2008)
  • "The First Fund Managers: Life Insurance Bonuses in Victorian Britain," Victorian Studies 45 (2002): 67-92 (pdf file)
  • "Senses of Belonging: The Politics of Working-Class Insurance in Britain, 1880-1914," Journal of Modern History 73 (2001): 561-602 (pdf file)
  • "Insurance against Germ Theory: Commerce and Conservatism in Late-Victorian Medicine," Bulletin of the History of Medicine 75 (2001): 406-445 (pdf file)

About Banking and Finance

  • "The Moral of the Failed Bank: Professional Plots in the Victorian Money Market," Victorian Studies 38 (1995): 199-225 (pdf file)
  • "Persuading by the Numbers: The Balance Sheet in Late Victorian Financial Journalism," in John Davis (ed.), New Economics and its Writing (Durham: Duke University Press, 1998), 212-230 (pdf file)

About Science and Society

  • "Age and Empire in the Indian Census," Journal of Interdisciplinary History 30 (1999): 61-89 (pdf file)
  • "Negotiating Notation: Chemical Symbols and British Society, 1831-1835," Annals of Science 46 (1989): 437-460 (pdf file)
  • "The Business of Induction: Industry and Genius in the Language of British Scientific Reform, 1820-1840," History of Science 34 (1996): 191-221 (pdf file)