English Department

Professional Opportunities

A bachelor's degree with a major in English qualifies a graduate for a wide variety of opportunities and career choices in business and industry. The following are some of the fields requiring the kinds of critical reading and writing skills English majors learn in our program:

Writers, editors, and publishers find these skills indispensable, as do book publicists and publishering sales representatives. Librarians, who are needed not only in public libraries and schools, but in many businesses and law firms, are usually English majors as undergraduates.

Journalists depend on the sort of knowledge and hands-on experience they gain from the active and well-respected journalists who teach our professional writing courses.

Politicians, social workers, lawyers, and law students find that the ability to read critically and analyze deeply is an essential asset in their work and studies.

Public relations firms depend on professionals whose reading and writing skills are strong, and many other businesses also prefer English majors for their analytical abilities.

Finally, teaching, one of the most rewarding and important professions, is a career many of our graduates choose. One of our primary missions, in fact, is the preparation of teachers at all levels.

Last modified: Dec 12, 2013

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