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Faculty - Salita Bryant, Interim Associate Dean of Arts & Humanities

Salita BryantE-mail Address:
Phone Number: 718-960-8506
Office: Carman Hall, Room 385
Office Hours: Appointment only
Rank: Assistant Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: B.A., Georgia Southern University; M.F.A., New York University; M.A., M.Ed, Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Recent Awards and Honors

  • Finalist, The Broad River Review, The Rash Award in Poetry, 2012.
  • Finalist, Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, Poetry Prize, 2012.
  • “Featured Author,” Finishing Line Press,, 2011.
  • “Spotlight on Research” feature, Lehman College Newsletter, 2011.
  • Finalist, Palettes & Quills Chapbook Contest 2010.
  • Finalist, Finishing Line Press Chapbook Contest 2010.
  • First Place 2010 Connecticut Poetry Award.
  • 2010 Pushcart Prize Nomination, “Three Poems,” Boulevard.
  • South Carolina Review 2010 Poetry Contest, Honorable Mention.
  • First Place 2009 Emerging Poets Award, Boulevard.
  • First runner-up New Letters Poetry Award, 2009.
  • First runner-up 2009, Alimentum Poetry Contest.
  • Atlanta Review’s 2009 International Poetry Competition, Finalist.
  • Cultural Center of Cape Cod National Poetry Competition, Finalist, 2009.
  • The MacGuffin Poetry Contest, Finalist, 2009.
  • Third Coast Poetry Contest, Finalist, Third Coast, 2009.
  • 2006-2007 Starworks Fellow, Starworks Foundation, New York.
  • 2005 Pushcart Prize Nomination, “First Spring in New York,” Spoon River Poetry Review.
  • Spoon River Poetry Review Editors’ Prize, First Place & Honorable Mention. 2005.
  • Nimrod/Hardman Pablo Neruda Prize, Finalist, Nimrod International Journal, 2005.
  • 2005 Discovered Voices Award, First Place, Iron Horse Literary Review.



Selected Poetry:

  • “The Memory of Forgetting,” Dogwood, Forthcoming, (2012).
  • “Where They Were,” Rio Grande Review,” (2011).
  • “Near Sleep,” National Poetry Month Celebration JDB Records Blogspot (2011).
  • “Asking for a Divorce,” South Carolina Review, (2011).
  • “The true scale of terror,” Connecticut River Review, (2010).
  • “The Country Cousin’s House,” The Village Pariah, (2010).
  • “Before I tell him that I am leaving our home,” Alimentum, (2010).
  • “Cinderella Finally Speaks to her Analyst about her Mother,” Boulevard, (2010).
  • “In Strawberry Time,” Boulevard, (2010).
  • “The Art of Dying Well,” Boulevard, (2010).
  • “Ars Poetica.” Agenda, UK, (2005).
  • “First Spring in New York,” Spoon River Poetry Review, (2005).
  • “Lepisma Saccarina.” Spoon River Poetry Review, (2005).
  • “Fifth Grade Sex Ed,” Nimrod International Journal of Prose & Poetry, (2005).
  • “Aviary,” Iron Horse Literary Review, (2005).
  • “Prayer at nine and a half,” Iron Horse Literary Review, (2005).
  • “Monogamy Box.” Iron Horse Literary Review, (2005).
  • “Scheherazade,” Wind, (2005).
  • “Falling,” Wind, (2005).
  • “Mother and Pears.” Wind, (2005).
    “Well Water,” Snake Nation Review, (2004).
  • “On The Turning Away,” Dogwood, (2002).
  • “Torso,” Enculturation, (2001).
  • “Damage,” The North American Review, (2001).


  • “Bathsheba Spooner: The result of a wicked and licentious appetite on the life expectancy of husbands,” Famous American Crimes and Trials: Volume I 1607-1859, Praeger-
    Greenwood Press (2004).
  • “Here she hangs a strangling/by her neck a dangling: Reading the Murderess in the New Republic.” Literary Interpretation Theory, (2004).

Selected Critical Conference Presentations

Society of Early Americanists

  • “Still Stranger Than Fiction: Historically Inspired Creative Writing,” (2009).
  • “Stranger Than Fiction: Historically Inspired Creative Writing, (2005).
  • “Wicked Women: Sexual Murder Narratives in the Early Republic,” (2003).

American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

  • “Parents Provoke Not Your Children: Plotting Murder and Familial Ideology in the New Republic,” (2004).
  • “Captive to Vice and Natural Wants: David Lewis’ Noble Game of Highway Robbery,” (2002).

South Central Society for Eighteenth Century Studies

  • “’Putting my mouth in the dust’: Criminals, Visible Saints and the Search For Miraculous Conversions in Patience Boston and Joseph Moody,” (2002).
  • “Good for the Soul: Confession in Criminal Narratives,” (2001).
  • “In the Dirt Like Hogs: Tristram Shandy and the Struggle for Gynecological Control,” (2000).

American Literature Association

  • “The Mythic-Self: autobiography and creation of self-image,” (2001).

Popular Culture Association & American Studies Association

  • “Inexplicability of Evil: Gothic Conventions of Horror and Mystery in Late Twentieth-Century American Reality-based Television,” (2001).
  • “And The Dust Returns to the Earth as it Was: Four Seasons in a Small Town Cemetery,” (2000).

Society for the Study of Southern Literature

  • “Autobiography of the Mythic-Self in Angelou’s, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” (2000).

Conference on College Composition and Communication

  • “Once Upon A Crime: Research and the Composition Student, Effects and Ethics,” (1998).

National Council of Teachers of English

  • “Once Upon a Crime: Language as Moral Action,” (1997).

Selected Readings

Lehman College - City and the Humanities Reading Series, International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education, Happy Ending Lounge, Society of Early Americanists National Convention, Lehman Women’s Studies Program, New York University, Mo Pitkins House of Satisfaction, Cornelia Street Cafe, Bowery Poetry Club, Greater Augusta Arts Council, American Literature Association, Association for the Study of Literature and Environment, College English Association, South Atlantic Modern Language Association, Sarah Isom Center for Women’s Studies Brown Bag Lecture Series, Thacker Mountain Radio Show, Sigma Tau Delta International Convention, American Cancer Society, Twentieth Century Literature Conference, “An Evening of Poetry and Jazz in Mississippi,” Conference on Southern Writers/Southern Writing, Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment, “Poetry at the Bistro,” Conference on Southern Writers/Southern Writing.