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Why go to the theatre?

The New York City theater experience on Broadway offers an opportunity to observe the best unique live performances possible, of which you, as an audience member, are an integral part. Since the beginning of theatrical performances over twenty-five hundred years ago, there have been two constants that have always remained distinct to live theater, the necessity of having skilled and talented performers and willing and enthusiastic audience participants as well.

Theater is still the ultimate form of social networking, even in the twenty-first century. When attending a performance, whether you're watching a drama, comedy or musical, the theater itself involves a shared interaction with other audience members in the pursuit of entertainment. Your presence in the theater and being eye-to-eye with the actors on the stage involves you directly in the show. The performances that you will attend will offer an experience that will be completely exclusive, because in a live performance anything may happen and on occasion does. When the curtain rises above the stage in the theater and the first performer catches your eye, you will have opened yourself to the opportunity of having one of the greatest emotional encounters achievable, New York City Theater on Broadway.

Preparing for the Theater: In preparation for going to the theater, there are some strategies that you might want to consider to ensure a memorable and informative experience. Virtually all of the plays on Broadway have had recent articles and reviews written by theater critics about them. These reviews, both good and bad, may be read in the Arts and Entertainment section of The New York Times. Another option is to access The New York Times website at http://theater.nytimes.com, which will give you a tremendous amount of information about top-grossing Broadway shows, plays that will be opening soon, slide shows and video excerpts of recent performances. There are two other tried and true options available for those who are thinking about going to the theater. The first alternative is to read the play itself, which is guaranteed to provide greater insight into the characters, plot and themes of the play. The second is to request a copy of the galleys (advance reading copies of the script) from the City and Humanities Program in Carman Hall, Room 352. If the producers have provided the program with copies of the script, we are more than willing to share these resources.

Buying Tickets: Lehman College and the Theatre Development Fund (TDF) have formed a new partnership to facilitate the buying of discounted tickets for students. For more information about this exciting collaboration and the benefits it offers, please go to: http://www.tdf.org/mytdf to view available performance listings and purchase discounted tickets. Another option that is available to both students and faculty are Reduced-Rate Coupons, which may be picked up at the City and Humanities Program, Room 352, Carman Hall, Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Last modified: Oct 25, 2011

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