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Art Department

Learning Goals & Objectives

Studio Art, B.A.

Goal I: Develop the technical skills and the ability to organize the visual elements necessary to communicate concepts and experiences across various media


  • Exercise and demonstrate use and mastery of the elements of design
  • Use materials, tools and processes from a variety of media (printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramic, photography)
  • Handle materials effectively
  • Create original objects of art in a specific medium (see above)
  • Select appropriate media relative to concepts and forms of art

Goal II:Develop Visual Literacy


  • Produce creative works that demonstrate innovation in concepts, formal language and/or materials
  • Describe, analyze and interpret created artwork
  • Recognize elements of design in works of art
  • Analyze, interpret and evaluate the form and content of works of art

Goal III: Develop a practicum based on theory


  • Demonstrate understanding of art theory by applying practical methodology to the task
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills by providing a step-by-step approach to specific issues in class projects
  • Defend visual projects through individual and group critiques

Goal IV:Assimilate Art Resources offered by New York City


  • Reflect on art after visiting museums, galleries, and artist studios
  • Recognize key theoretical debates within the discipline of contemporary art practice
  • Students will create artworks and write short critiques about art after visiting museums, galleries, and artist studio
  • Students will select, invite, and host lectures by visiting artists, curators, and critics, as well as curate student exhibits

Art History, B.A.

Goal I:To understand the major artistic styles and genres of Western and Non-Western art and architecture through a broad range of time periods up to the present.


  • Compare and contrast contemporary works with their art historical antecedents
  • Analyze works of art contextually

Goal II: To develop visual literacy


  • Recognize and evaluate basic elements of design (color, line, form, texture, rhythm, etc.)
  • Acquire a working vocabulary associated with the analysis and interpretation of works and architecture

Goal III: To write and speak effectively and clearly about works of art and architecture


  • Write short in-class responses as well as longer outside reviews of gallery and museum exhibitions as well as longer, formal analytical term papers
  • Encourage students to engage in classroom discussion as well as require students to present from time-to-time in-class oral reports