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Department of African and African-American Studies at Lehman College

From the Department Chair

Department Chair, Mark Christian The Department of African and African American Studies is in the School of Arts and Humanities with such departments as History, Music, Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies, English, and Journalism. Courses taken in African and African American studies can fulfill the College's distribution requirement in historical studies, comparative culture, the arts and literature. Students can take courses in African and African American studies for elective credits. Students may also elect to major or minor in African and African American studies.

African and African American Studies is a body of knowledge that records, describes, and analyzes the experience of Black people in all parts of the world, but especially in America, the Caribbean and Africa. African and African American Studies appraises the past, examines the present, and seeks to shape the future. Moreover, African and African American Studies offers an interdisciplinary major leading to a B.A. degree. The courses are grouped into five sequences: African-American, community and urban, Afro-Caribbean, African, and arts and languages. The Department also participates in the interdisciplinary programs in Latin American, Latino, and Puerto Rican Studies, Political Science, Sociology, History, Philosophy and Women's Studies.

Mission and Goals

The Department’s mission is to provide instruction and undertake research on the history, societies and cultures of peoples of African heritage in Africa and in the African Diaspora; as well as serve as a resource center for the African American community in the Bronx and surrounding areas.  In fulfillment of its mission the Department is committed to the following objectives:

to promote excellence in teaching, scholarship and research;

to develop the students’ critical, conceptual, and analytical skills;

to provide educational and cultural enrichment through conferences, lectures, workshops, demonstrations and special events for the African American community and other residents of the Bronx and surrounding areas;

to provide academic advisement, extra-curricular support and counseling for the students;

to promote the knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and respect for such differences as "race," ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other aspects of the human experience.

- Mark Christian