Academic Advising, Standards & Evaluations


Taking courses at non- CUNY college

  • Decide which college you want to attend and which course(s) you want to take.
    • If you need help with finding a course that will transfer in as the equivalent of a specific Lehman course, consult a faculty advisor from the academic department that houses the equivalent of the course you want to take.
      • If you already have a specific school or course in mind, bring a copy of the course description(s) from that school's catalog or bulletin with you. (Course descriptions can often be found on school websites.)
    • If you need help with finding a course that will fulfill a general education requirement, see an Academic Advisor in the Academic Information and Advisement Center in Shuster 280.
  • Pick up a paper permit form from the Office of the Registrar in Shuster 112.
  • Return the form to Shuster 112.
  • When the semester (or summer or winter session) is completed, have an official transcript from the other school sent to the Lehman College Admissions Office in Shuster 161 (718-960-8713).



Once you have earned 60 credits in an associate degree program, you may not transfer any additional credits from an associate degree program toward the 120 credits needed to graduate, even though those additonal courses may be used to fill Lehman graduation requirements.

You may transfer in no more than ninety credits from ANY college.

Last modified: Apr 5, 2014

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