Support for 90 x 30

“Lehman College’s 90x30 challenge ... will pave new pathways for students and help thousands earn postsecondary credentials. These pathways –long marred by inequity—must be accessible and navigable for all hardworking students, especially low-income students and students of color who are underrepresented in our nation’s colleges and universities. Lehman College’s commitment to these students will not only increase degree attainment, but it also has the potential to transform graduates’ lives and foster thriving communities in the Bronx, in New York State and throughout our country.”
Michelle Asha Cooper, Ph.D.
Institute for Higher Education Policy

“There is no question that educational attainment opens the doors to economic and social mobility, not just for students, but also for their families. As an alumnus, I am proud that Lehman College is determined to bring opportunity to more Bronx residents.”
Hon. Rubén Díaz, Jr.
Borough of the Bronx

“It’s not enough that policymakers set conditions for more people to earn credentials. Colleges also must play an active role. Lehman College’s ‘90x30’ initiative sets a clear objective for others to emulate. At Lumina, everything we do is about meeting a national goal by 2025 of 60 percent of working-age Americans with high-quality degrees and other credentials. Lehman’s aim will contribute to this success by focusing and energizing everyone involved. It’s great to see.”
Danette Howard, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy Officer
Lumina Foundation

“I applaud Lehman College’s 90x30 goal that focuses on student success. Increasing the number of Americans with college degrees is a critical national need that changes the trajectory of an individual’s life, and positively affects their family and their community. It also improves the economy of the Unites States, makes us more globally competitive, and strengthens our democracy.” AASCU institutions deliver on the American promise of educational opportunities for all. Lehman’s plan is the embodiment of that commitment.”
Muriel A. Howard
American Association of State Colleges
and Universities

“Access to high-quality postsecondary education opens doors to opportunity, boosts economic mobility, and helps people to reach their full potential. Lehman College’s bold ‘90 by 30’ initiative has the potential to transform lives and whole communities. At The Education Trust, we support work that increases college access and completion, particularly for those who historically have been underserved. I look forward to seeing how [the] 90x30 plan will strengthen Lehman College, the Bronx, and every student who benefits from the program.”
John B. King
President and CEO
The Education Trust

“More than any other time in our history, earning a college degree may be the single most important factor in gaining access to the American Dream. Yet far too often, our institutions have fallen short in accepting this powerful responsibility. The changes we need in higher education demand clear and focused goals, bold leaders who act with urgency, and the use of proven strategies that ensure many, many more students – from all backgrounds and walks of life - complete their degrees. At Lehman College ... that’s exactly what we’ve got. The 90x30 goal is a powerful catalyst for action, and Lehman College is poised to not only get the job done for their students, but to be a driving force for upward mobility in the Bronx.”
Tom Sugar
Complete College America

“In the current social and economic climate, it is exceptionally important that our nation's colleges and universities develop the diverse talent needed to fuel democratic engagement, social mobility, and economic opportunity and growth. Lehman College's leaders have defined how the College intends to contribute to these noble objectives by visibly setting ambitious, quantifiable student success goals on which everyone can focus and which stand to benefits tens of thousands of students who call Bronx their home. Already an engine of social mobility, Lehman's choice to set such clear aspirational goals signals great promise for the future of the College and the students and community it serves.”
Josh Wyner
Founder and Executive Director
Aspen Institute College Excellence Program